Bell internet tops for viruses, spam: study

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Bell internet tops for viruses, spam: study




Bell Canada's internet service carried the most "malicious activity" — such as viruses, spam and computer attacks — in the country in the last half of 2007, a report on internet security said Tuesday.

The twice-yearly report from Symantec Corp., the producer of Norton Antivirus software, placed Canada ninth worldwide for malicious activity. The United States ranked first.

The company, which collects details on malicious code from more than 120 million computers running its antivirus software and decoy accounts that collect spam, reported 711,912 new malicious code threats online in 2007, up 468 per cent from 2006, when it found 125,243.

In Canada, Bell's internet users were responsible for 17 per cent of the malicious activity.

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I love being number one. [img]tongue.gif" border="0[/img]

21% of the customers, 17% of the malicious activity - not good, but not horrible either.

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