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And yet even as they work hard to produce all this propaganda and spew they probably imagine themselves to be the most perfect of progressives. Or don't even care as long as the cheques cash. It is good for people to hold journalists accountable for their lies.

Kamloops CBC was instrumental in the 1995 demonization of the Secwepemc traditional-sovereigntists at Gustafsen Lake. And nobody more so than Adrienne Arsenault, who initially brought tobacco and told Sundancers she wanted to 'tell their story to Canadians and the world', then stabbed them in the back with lies and false allegations, in what RCMP later admitted at trial was a coordinated and systematic 'smear and disinformation campaign' designed to impugn their sovereignty position in law, paint them as 'fanatics and terrorists who simply want to make war for some reason' and in which the collaboration of CBC was critical.


Is something lately going on with the CBC, what with their less than subtle bs nauseating propaganda?

The clip on the impeachment scam, where they interview some dumb Trump supporter worker, was a classic, to balance their anti Trump propaganda?

Who is putting on the pressure?


Senior OPCW Official Busted: Leaked Email Exposes Orders To "Delete All Traces" Of Dissent On Douma


Wikileaks has released their fourth set of leaks from the OPCW’s Douma investigation, revealing new details about the alleged deletion of important information regarding the fact-finding mission.


“One of the documents is an e-mail exchange dated 27 and 28 February between members of the fact finding mission (FFM) deployed to Douma and the senior officials of the OPCW. It includes an e-mail from Sebastien Braha, Chief of Cabinet at the OPCW, where he instructs that an engineering report from Ian Henderson should be removed from the secure registry of the organisation,” WikiLeaks writes. Included in the email is the following directive:

Please get this document out of DRA [Documents Registry Archive]… And please remove all traces, if any, of its delivery/storage/whatever in DRA.'”


According to Wikileaks, the main finding of Henderson, who inspected the sites in Douma, was that two of the cylinders were most likely manually placed at the site, rather than dropped.

“The main finding of Henderson, who inspected the sites in Douma and two cylinders that were found on the site of the alleged attack, was that they were more likely manually placed there than dropped from a plane or helicopter from considerable heights. His findings were omitted from the official final OPCW report on the Douma incident,” the Wikileaks report said.

It must be remembered that the U.S. launched an attack on Damascus, Syria on April 14, 2018 over alleged chemical weapons usage by pro-Assad forces at Douma.

...Let us never forget the role of the CBC is its shrill support for the lies of the DOUMA Report, as amongst its endless lies...there never will be democracy in Canada as long as this monstrous propaganda sheet financed by us continues its bs...

There must be strategy to shut them down! destroy their credibility!

No item from the CBC ought to be mentioned in these pages, without the reclaimer...CBC is a bs propagandist entity, any message from them must be held with the gravest suspicion!

Sean in Ottawa

Tin foil hats should be put away.

There is no right wing conspiracy from the government controlling individual CBC stories.

You want to know where the pressure is coming from? Simple explanations are best:

The CBC can count on a certain degree of public money. There is a government in power that will ensure that. It has to scramble for the rest. It is not in the news and entertainment business because it does not make money from that. It does not resell news or shows to any great degree like the BBC. It sells ads.

News decisions are based on what the public will click on.

Now let's think about the Trump stories for a minute and then you will understand them. A story that is not controversial will get those interested to click on it. One that is will get both sides. A story that is about a Trump supporter is great for ads. All Trump supporters will click on it. Trolls will click on it to see if they can boost it in comments. Those upset about Trump will click on it to object and complain.

Now think about the comment sections and how they work. You have a story -- you click and read it once. If it has a comment section, then some click and read it then comment and then keep going back days and days to see what happened to the comments and responses. The comment section is sick. It enables the worst trolling but it is the most profitable as the same number of people click multiple times. Filtering out the worst comments is not that great an idea for profit. You allow the disgusting comments and filter out the objections. Then more people will want to try to object and they will go back again and again. One racist sexist comment and bring craploads of money.

No conspiracy. It is about the money. 

When it comes to stories the ones with analysis and thought cost more: this is what the loss of the CBC has been tragic (it is a shadow of its former self). The population mostly wants mindless controversy and the analysis does not get read.

The CBC is a beggar with its hat out willing to do anything for a few clicks. Reducing funding for the CBC will only make it worse. The only solution is actually more money but that cannot happen as people are more and more angry on both the left and right.

This model can only let the broadcaster stagnate and do more damage to the public sphere of the conversation. But please no more tinfoil. Just use logic and think about who pays for this and how.


Sean what you said is true about the CBC. However it misses the fact that for at least twenty years only people with the proper world perspective have been hired and/or promoted. No socialists need apply unless they hide that fact, let alone an anti-imperialist. There are no voices in the news rooms of the CBC that believe in anything outside of the NATO propaganda box. They don't need to be told what to say they already believe in it. [tip of the hat to Noam]

Douglas Fir Premier

kropotkin1951 wrote:

Sean what you said is true about the CBC. However it misses the fact that for at least twenty years only people with the proper world perspective have been hired and/or promoted. No socialists need apply unless they hide that fact, let alone an anti-imperialist. There are no voices in the news rooms of the CBC that believe in anything outside of the NATO propaganda box. They don't need to be told what to say they already believe in it. [tip of the hat to Noam]


Maybe that's the case in Vancouver, but I wouldn't assume it to be true everywhere across the country. The newsroom I'm most familiar with - CBC Ottawa - has hired and promoted people with radical politics into prominent roles - including the co-host of the 6 pm news. If they've ever been instructed to hide their politics, they've either ignored it, or done a really bad job of it.

Sean in Ottawa

I think the senior roles are generally part of the prevailing Liberal culture. I suspect that there is a good deal of self censorship. I think what Kropotkim is saying is generally true with some exceptions but I do not think it is planned and organized. Moe likely it is part group culture and part self censorship. But still there is the budget culture of doing what needs to be done for advertising that is uling the roost. I also supsect that some of the self cenroship is probably partly paranoia.

In any event I do not see formal instructions as being needed from the top -- other than anything related to finances which I imagine is drilled into everyone. 

I really see controversial decisions that at times are more Conservative than Liberal designed to create controversy which is the name of the game. There are some to the left and some far right people whose job it is to get others angry and get readers. then the prevailing centre culture spins them together with the "appropiate" pro Liberal point of view.

Even this would not be by instruction so much as a dominant culture insome palces. Liberal partisans outnumber New Democrats and the Conservatives are not dominant in public broadcasting as they are in the private ones. This creates a culture that does not need specific instruction to be pro Liberal.

The problem for the CBC is that losing the NDP and Green supporters by being so partisan leaves the CBC with less than majority support in the country. They need that support to avoid eventual funding loss. Now many New Democrats refuse to defend the national broadcaster leaving it at greater risk. They were once some of its strongest defenders.

voice of the damned

^ I think if it was the routine thing for CBC journalists to get orders from cabinet about what to write and say, we would have heard about it by now. As I've mentioned a few times recently in discussions about Alberta politics, Postmedia ordered their papers in Alberta to endorse the Tories in 2015, and this was immediately exposed by several of their columnists, who went public with their complaint about interference.

I don't know if that stopped the editorial boards of those papers from endorsing the Tories, but the point is, the public did find out about what Postmedia had done. I don't imagine CBC journalists being more likely to put up with any ongoing policy of editorial dictation from Ottawa.

Of course, it is probably the case that anyone working for CBC knows that, if he strays too far from the perceived consensus, his career at the Corporation will be a short one(even if it won't actually be the cabinet giving him his pink-slip). Which is why you don't see a lot of editorials along the lines of "Bring back sodomy laws", or, on the other end of the spectrum "Nationalized banks, an idea whose time has come."


I clearly remember an IDEAS show, sometime lasrt July...and I kick myself for not writing down the details, but a top producer from the CBC was a panelist, who clearly stated their intentions to editorialize what they considered to be fake news........I should be writing this in an activist thread, but my plans are push for local community radio, to offer alternative views to the war propaganda of the CBC and secondly to prepare a SAtatement of Claim vs. the CBC and the CRTC re violations of our Section 3 rights, not to mention Canada´s obligations to not permit war propaganda, re the International Covenant on Political and Economic Rights....



from Eric Zuesse,

A good expose of the mechanisms under which CBC unwittingly or not (irrelevant) promotes its corporate bankster billionaire agenda

The example to be dissected here will be from Wall Street’s Michael Bloomberg. Though he doesn’t deceive the public more than other billionaires do, he is running to become America’s President in order to replace another deceptive billionaire, Donald Trump, and so his ‘news’-operation provides a typical example of the mendacity of America’s mainstream (that’s to say, its billionaire-controlled) ‘journalism’ (virtually everything concerning international relations in U.S.-and-allied ‘journalism’ is propaganda: written so as to deceive). In Bloomberg’s case, the medium isn’t merely billionaire-controlled; it is billionaire-owned, just like Jeff Bezos’s Washington Postis. Washington DC and NYC both get their ‘news’ from such highly compromised, billionaires-owned-and-controlled, ‘news’-media, as these. America’s broadcast media then spread that ‘news’, nationally, and internationally.

Sean in Ottawa

The CBC is an amoral, a-political ad delivering agency. The reason that it promotes any agenda -- right in much of its content and extreme right in its comment section is all about selling ads.

The people who originally framed it as requiring it not to sell ads had it right. Such an agency is expensive but a smaller one behaving like this is better than a bigger one behaving as it does now.

voice of the damned

Sean in Ottawa wrote:

The CBC is an amoral, a-political ad delivering agency. The reason that it promotes any agenda -- right in much of its content and extreme right in its comment section is all about selling ads.

re: the comments section, in fairness to the CBC, I don't think they go out of their way to encourage far-right comments. That just tends to be the kind of people who gravitate toward comment-sections generally, at least on certain issues.

In fact, more often than not, CBC seems to eschew comments on topics that tend to attract the most reactionary opinions, eg. anything to do with immigration, Muslims etc. As you might know, they actually have a policy of NEVER allowing comments on topics related to First Nations, as a result of the constant stream of racist vitriol they were getting.



Video: Author of Leaked OPCW Engineering Report on Douma Speaks at UN Security Council

By Dave DeCamp

Global Research, January 21, 2020 20 January 2020



After Henderson’s comments were aired to the Security Council, the representative for the Russian Federation mentioned that they invited the OPCW Director-General, and other OPCW officials to attend the meeting, but they chose not to participate.

Much of the blame for the lack of pressure on OPCW management after all these leaks, lies on the media outlets that refuse to report on it. Bellingcat – the investigative firm that receives grants from the US government-funded National Endowment for Democracy – bears most of the blame, since many mainstream outlets parrot what they say on Syria. Just a few days before this Security Council meeting, Bellingcat published a smear job on Ian Henderson.

As of the writing of this story, the only major news outlets that covered this Security Council meeting are RT and Sputnik, so of course, it will be dismissed by many as Russian propaganda. Eliot Higgins, the founder of Bellingcat, even accused Henderson of appearing at the UN on “behalf of the Russians.” But through his work, his words, and his modesty, Henderson proves to be a sincere and honest professional who is concerned about a supposedly neutral international body being used to promote a false narrative........ will CBC make public apology for its bs reporting, encouraging MPs to support all manner of anti Syria propaganda...bringing us closer to global war?

Of course not. They are the CBC, in the business to bs the Canadian public!
Will they stop relying on NED for its expertise? Of course not!

In Canada we have free and fair elections where all opinions are respected and covered equally, as required by Charter Section 3...Thanks to the CBC...of course not! Boycott!


Sean in Ottawa

CBC at it again. 

An article today about prisoners being let out had a pile of Conservative partisan crap. I posted the followng which the CBC censored. Meanwhile people are posting racist and sexist garbage to the effect that Dr. Tam is not a woman. How low will the CBC go? They need to kill their comment section or higher people capable of monitoring it better.

I think they are doing this to increase controversy and ad visits.

Here is my "offensive" comment:

Part of the problem with commentary on this is that the partisans are not reading international news. Jails where this pandemic is hitting in the world are experiencing emergencies -- low staff, riots, whole prisons where everyone breaks out. They cannot expect to secure the number who are in the jails now and to avoid pandemic risking the whole operation.

By securing the priority prisoners and reducing spread in the jails Canada has a lower chance of dangerous people getting out. They will have a more ordered approach than a collapse in staffing due to widespread pandemic in the jails (staff refusing to work, quitting or becoming ill).

This is what they needed to do. This is only politicians responding to what they are being told must happen and this is at the provincial as well as federal leval.

The people wanting to comment on what is happening in Canada should take some time off their partisan vitriol and catch up on world news so they really understand what is happening and the knowledge governments in Canada are using.

As well partisans may be missing that all parties at provincial level are looking at the same things making the same calculated decisions

This is an emergency. Making everything about how much you hate the PM is a waste. Do something more useful. I did not vote for this PM but I also do not think everything being done by this government is a decision made by a political party leadership. All governments in Canada are listening to the best scientists and experts they can. A tremendous amount of these decisions come from those experts trying to do the best we can in a dire emergency. Armchair quarterbacks could bear this in mind.


ETA: ater a time in purgatory the above comment has been released to the wild. Fewer people will see it but at least it is out there. Still, the comments about Tam remain in multiple article comment sections


Radio-Canada, French-language CBC is MSM on Syria, etc "Assad regime" not Syrian government, "opposition" not jihadis. Their one "expert," Francois Brouseau is a true believer in US Exceptionism.