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I think it's disingenuous to put Brenda Martin in the same category as union activists or poor indigenous people swept off the streets. The latter are cases that AI highlights as abusive.

I think the penalties Brenda Martin and Rebecca Roth received are quite stiff since their respective roles seem minor in comparison to Waage's and the others extradited to the US. I also think that drug possession laws are pretty extreme in many jurisdictions. But we don't mount huge campaigns with MPs and Ministers intervening when a Canadian gets thrown in jail for getting caught with some weed in Malaysia or Thailand.

Brenda Martin stalled her own case by charging the Mexican judiciary of human rights violations. Yet she seems to have very little sympathy for Rebecca Roth who was held for the same charge and under similar conditions.

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Roth and Martin were brought to the Puente Grande women's prison within days of each other and both took part in a prison beauty pageant in exchange for staying outside an extra hour in the evening, but they are far from friends.

"I don't speak to Rebecca Roth. I have no reason to speak to her," Martin said in the telephone call from prison in a March interview with the Toronto Star in which she called Roth "evil" and said she believes she is guilty.

"Brenda has been very cruel to Rebecca, very cruel," Barbara Roth said.

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Martin only got five years, compared to Roth's 9.

Didn't Martin rat on Roth in exchange for a more lenient sentence?

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Her sister, Barbara Roth, said that time spent at the computer would come back to haunt her. In 2002, Mexican police investigating Waage asked both women to give declarations. They showed Martin a picture of Roth taken at a Christmas party and asked her to identify her.

"All Brenda said was she was on the computer," Barbara Roth said from her home about an hour south of Guadalajara. "That's what put my sister in prison."

It is not the only evidence the prosecutions presented against her.

Bank records show she covered about $56,000 of Waage's expenses in the four months between his April 2001 arrest and his escape to Costa Rica after his release. Barbara Roth said her sister showed receipts accounting for every expense and had no idea the company was a scam until Waage fled.



Originally posted by laine lowe:
[b]I think it's disingenuous to put Brenda Martin in the same category as union activists or poor indigenous people swept off the streets. The latter are cases that AI highlights as abusive.[/b]

Okay, so we won't mention the gross human rights violations in Mexican prisons for the sake of [i]this[/i] argument. We'll turn a blind eye to that in order to focus on the crime and punishment of organized crime boss Brenda Martin. If the feds would crackdown on big time crooks like Brenda Martin, maybe our stooges in power would see their way to stopping some of the white collar crime costing the Canadian economy upwards of $30 billion a year, and several hundred billion dollars a year to the U.S. economy. I get the feeling there are people so frustrated with the estimated $35 billion dollar a year taxpayer ripoffs in the American "for-profit" health care industry alone that they want blood. Anyone's blood will do when it comes to a crazed possy of villagers.

eta: Our two old line parties in the U.S. and Canada are tough on only certain types of crime. Our stooges in Ottawa are not very cooperative with U.S. feds when it comes to catching stock fraudsters or in stopping organized crime in general. Knock over a liquor store, get caught with wacky tobaccy, or write a bad cheque though and that will be the end of you.

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[url=]4... people deported from Canada are now "unaccounted for".[/url]

Who cares? Brenda's back!!!


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