Canadian children being left behind

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Canadian children being left behind


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[url=]Canada woeful for ECE - Early Childhood Education[/url]

Pretty informative article and research.


Children in some poorer areas of Mexico are farther ahead in kindergarten than the average Canadian kid, says new research led by renowned expert Dr. Fraser Mustard.

Shocked? Mustard isn’t. The government there has implemented a system of programs in the city of Monterrey, called CENDI, with supports for families from pregnancy through to preschool - similar to what he’s been advocating for this country for years as research continues to show that early development is crucial to literacy, health and emotional well-being in adulthood, and how parents play a key role.

“You can’t dump the whole responsibility (for child development) on families,” says Mustard, world-renowned for his work on early childhood development.

[b]“You have to build a system families can be a part of, not controlled by the government but where the government sets standards.” [/b]


Monterrey is among the richest areas of Mexico, not the poorest. It's still true that we could be doing better.

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There are still poor areas in Monterrey like here. And they're showing us the way.