Canadian Foreign Affairs: Break Out the FP Champagne

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Canadian Foreign Affairs: Break Out the FP Champagne

WATCH: "Here's our new Foreign Affairs Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne reaffirming Canada's ironclad support for Israel..."

First things first. Chrystia Freeland couldn't have said it better!


Sadly, any FM appointment from any electable Canadian Party would likely take that basic line.

As for the nominal change of Freeland from FM to DPM,  it would be surprising if she was not still  the main influence on Canada's foreign policy, despite the lament of neocon war hawks like Terry Glavin about her portfolio name change.

Her appointment to  DPM certainly would  not been have forced on her by the struggling Trudeau, and Freeland may have insisted on it to position herself better as his successor. Big  photo/media ops for the NAFTA2 deal already.

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She certainly loves the limelight.


Freeland's sorry ass needs to be dragged before a war crimes tribunal. 


What do you mean about Freeland and "a war crimes tribunal"  I totally oppose her policies on Russia and China etc. but do you suggest the so-called International Criminal Court put her on trial.  Like some African, the only ones who are sent to The Hague.  The ICC is one of Canada's great achievements, along  with other NATO countries but not Russia, China, USA or India, 2/3 of the world's population. Was it such a great idea ?