Canadian politician sues Jewish groups

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By saying that she was contributing to the canard of conspiracy theories, which are known to be antisemitic. Its pretty plain in Farber's text.


Jaku wrote:

Please show us where the CJC "labael(ed)" Hughes and anti-Semite.


Still hitting the same denial button as "Winnifred" and ignoring my answer and challenge in post #67:

Farber's own assessment and claim that she is "damned by her own words" (ie "guilty") is made by the same writer who said : "Let’s be clear: CJC has never accused Ms. Hughes of being an antisemite."

Is that what they call "plausible deniability"?

So the fact that you continue repeat the same "denial" as Farber-which appears canceled by his subsequent words means-- what?

I repeat once more: If you have a more plausable way of reading that articles doubletalk, let's hear it.


[url= is the original thread on this subject.[/color][/url]

Go back and read it. It is truly frightening to read how some of our best babblers bought initially into the notion that Hughes had written something "deeply antisemitic" (to quote one of them). It shows how blood libels operate. At least in the current thread, it's only the hardened champions of the Israeli war criminals that are still attacking her as such.


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Wow, interesting read unionist, and I sure called it first, saying she should sue em all! :D

And interesting to me, and something I will keep in mind, is those who came down wrongly on her in that thread and I can see now a lot of things, that I did not before. Indeed WCL's views were insightful.


I'm suggesting we continue posting [url=, as we're past the 100 post mark.