Changes at Oxfam

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Changes at Oxfam

Some rather frightening changes are under way at Oxfam Canada. In the past the ideology of global justice was always tied to local actions and education. CIDA has now stated that none of its funding to Oxfam can in future be spent on the regional offices. And so, in total violation of its longstanding principles, the Oxfam board has effectively agreed to become just another charity sending cash to third world crises. Without regional offices we will not get Oxfam field staff visiting the regions and reporting to us directly. Worse yet, this was all decided over the past year while the board was sworn to secrecy, so that input from ordinary members on this issue was made impossible.

Members have one opportunity to tell the board what they think. Closing regional offices requires a constitutional change, and all members have a vote. Right now the intention is to do this by teleconference, which (shades of the NDP leadership vote) if a good number of members try to join in, will likely be more than the technology can bear.

For more information on the vote, go to the Oxfam Canada main page, click on 'members' at the top and from there on Special Notices, and from there on SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING of OXFAM CANADA MEMBERS