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Chelsea Manning Faces Indefinite Solitary Confinement, Lawyer Says

"...It is concerning that the military and Leavenworth prison might be taking action for the purpose of chilling Chelsea's speech or even iwth the goal of silencing her altogether by placing her in solitary,' Manning's American Civil Liberties Union lawyer, Chase Strangio told Buzzfeed.

'Hopefully with public scrutiny the prison will respond by dismissing the charges and ensuring that she is not unfairly targeted based on her activism, her identity, and her pending lawsuit.'

Manning is due to appear at a prison hearing concerning the charges with military officials on August 18..."


Chelsea Manning Supporters Condemn Threat of Indefinite Solitary Confinement [Sign Petition!]

"Almost 40,000 signatures have been added to petitions calling on the US military to drop charges against the army soldier and Guardian columnist Chelsea Manning that could put her into indefinite solitary confinement for violations that include storing a tube of expired toothpaste in her military prison cell."

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Chelsea Manning Receives Cash Prize for Exposing War Crimes

Chelsea Manning, the former U.S. soldier imprisoned for leaking U.S. diplomatic cables and copious evidence of war crimes, has been awarded a cash prize in recognition of her “sacrifice and bravery,” it was announced Monday.

“The award recognizes the exceptional importance of the disclosures by Manning in revealing the illegal practice of torture and detention, and in increasing the public understanding of the impact of war on civilians,” said a press release from Blueprint for Free Speech, which presented the award at the offices of the Thomson Reuters Foundation in London. The group also recognized John Kiriakou, a former CIA officer who revealed the illegal use of torture, and Dr. Raj Mattu, a British cardiologist who exposed unsafe conditions threatening patients’ lives at state hospitals.

The three winners will split a cash prize of 15,000 British pounds, or US$7,200 per person....


Great news (obviously not important enough for the MSM's notice) - thanks, epaulo!!

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I was at a documentary festival in Toronto last week and saw a public pitch for a film on Chelsea. I hope they can fund it.


Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Freed From US Military Prison After 7 Years

"...A media spokesperson for the Fort Leavenworth military prison confirmed to RT that Manning was released in the early hours of Wednesday morning around 2 am. The spokesperson did not comment further as per regular inmate release policy."


Great news!


That is wonderful news. Free at last. I hope that supporters have seen to measures to ensure her safety. And while I'd love to hear about her ordeal and her struggles, I hope she is able to take a good holiday now somewhere quiet and calm, in nature. If I recall, she spoke of wanting to be by the sea. 


The Release of Chelsea Manning, CIA Challenges WikiLeaks and NHA Hacks

"We speak to former CIA officer Ray McGovern about US violations of International law, and WikiLeaks associate and Centre of Investigative Journalism board member Joseph Farrell joins us to discuss CIA accusations..."

Mr. Magoo

She published a photo of herself on Instagram.  I know there's lots of more important stuff to discuss, but TBH, she's looking pretty good!  It's nothing like that one smudgy photo that every news agency has used for everything for the past 7 years.

ed'd to add:  here's that pic

you go girl!


Chelsea Manning Risks Jail To Fight Wikileaks Grand Jury

"Chelsea Manning will face a closed contempt hearing after refusing to testify before a grand jury that is investigating Wikileaks. 'In solidarity with many activists facing the odds, I will stand by my principles. I will exhaust every legal remedy available. My legal team continues to challenge the secrecy of these proceedings, and I am prepared to face the consequences of my refusal.' She could face up to 18 months in jail if she's found 'in contempt' of court..."


Chelsea Manning: WikiLeaks Source Jailed For Refusing To Testify

"Former US intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning has been jailed for refusing to testify before an investigation into Wikileaks. A Virginia judge ordered her taken into custody until the grand jury's work is finished or she decides to testify. Manning said she shared everything she knows during her court martial.

Manning was found guilty in 2013 of charges including espionage for leaking secret military files to Wikileaks, but her sentence was commuted. Manning told US District Judge Claude Hilton that she would 'accept whatever you bring upon me,' but would not testify..."

What courage in the face of this US star-chamber, kangaroo court. What cowardice by those who cheer it on because Crooked Hillary lost the election and Wikileaks/Putin are to blame not her.


Refusing To 'Snitch': Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Becomes Two-Time Political Prisoner

"I will not participate in a secret process that I morally object to, particularly one that has been historically used to entrap and persecute activists for protected political speech..."


"As CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou commented to me on Wednesday after Chelsea's motion to quash her subpoena in the same district he faced prosecution in was denied, the 'Rocket Docket' overseers are making sure Chelsea pays for refusing to cooperate..."


Daniel Ellsberg on Chelsea Manning's Heroism

"Read what famed Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg has to say on whistle blower Chelsea Manning being sent back to jail for refusing to be coerced into secretly testifying against Julian Assange.

The following quote can be attributed to famed Pentagon Papers whistleblower and Freedom of the Press Foundation co-founder Daniel Ellsberg:

"Chelsea Manning is again acting heroically in the name of press freedom and it's a travesty that she has been sent back to jail for refusing to testify to a grand jury. An investigation into WikiLeaks for publishing is a grave threat to all journalists' rights, and Chelsea is going us all a service for fighting it. She has already been tortured, spent years in jail, and has suffered more than enough. She should be released immediately."


Edward Snowden on Chelsea Manning

"I agree with Daniel Ellsberg and admire Chelsea's courage. Compelling sources to testify against the journalists with whom they've worked threatens the independent function of the free press, in an open democracy. She must be released."


Chelsea Manning's Crimes: Revealing THEIRS

Collateral Murder (and vid)

"The most famous alleged Assange-Manning leak? This film showing US Apache pilots blowing away wounded Reuters staffer and a van of Samaritans (two adults and two children)

Watch it again. Two people were locked away to make it possible for you to do so...


Write to Chelsea Manning:


TRNN: Chelsea Manning Jailed For Refusing To Cooperate With WikiLeaks Grand Jury (and vid)

"Chelsea Manning said her testimony before her court-martial is all she has to say, standing by her resistance to secret grand juries as her activist ancestors did before her. Kevin Gosztola, Managing Editor of Shadowproof, discusses the case."


Defying WikiLeaks Grand Jury, Chelsea Manning Goes to Jail

"A federal judge sent Chelsea Manning to prison for refusing to testify before a grand jury that is investigating WikiLeaks. 'I will not comply with this or any other grand jury,' Manning declared in a statement."


Whistleblower Manning Sent Back to Prison For Standing on Principle (and podcast)

"On today's episode of Loud & Clear, Brian Becker and John Kiriakou focus on Chelsea Manning being taken back into custody..."


The Jimmy Dore Show

"Chelsea Manning Jailed Again For Protecting Journalism."


"Interesting that Chelsea Manning was jailed for not cooperating with government on International Women's Day, without a peep of opposition from most of the petit-bourgeois women's organizations pretending to be feminist."


Unsealed Documents Shed Light on State Conspiracy Against Chelsea Manning

"On Wednesday, US Eastern District Court of Virginia unsealed several filings concerning Chelsea Manning's legal challenge to the subpoena attempting to force her to testify before a grand jury involved in fabricating charges against Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange.

The censored documents shine a light on the desperate measures to which the US government has resorted in pursuing a legal pretext to prosecute Julian Assange. It also exposes the fact that Chelsea Manning has been the target of an endless campaign of intimidation and conspiring in violation of her democratic rights.

The Trump administration intends to make examples of both Manning and Assange and threatening any future journalists who report the truth about the crimes of American imperialism and its criminal military and intelligence operations around the world..."


Politicians Silent on Chelsea Manning's Imprisonment on Trans Day of Visibility

"Politicians appear keen to associate themselves with the movement but have been much less forthcoming in talking about America's most famous incarcerated transgender activist who exposed the crimes of the US military."

Faux liberals are always scrupulous about observing the sensitivities and omertas of Power.


Chelsea Manning on WikiLeaks, Transpolitics and Data Privacy

"Meet one of the truly extraordinary changemakers. 2018 Interview." 'We live in a domestic military occupation...'


After Nearly Two Months in Jail, Chelsea Manning Submits Powerful Appeal For Release

"Manning's 8-page statement is a powerful declaration of political principles. She is being targeted by the Trump administration as part of a nearly decade-long vendetta against her and Assange for exposing the US government's war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.  'I can either go to jail or betray my principles. The latter exists as a much worse prison than the government can construct..."


Chelsea Manning Released From Alexandria Detention Center After Grand Jury Lapses

"Earlier today Chelsea Manning was released from the William G Truesdale Adult Dention Center in Alexandria Va. Chelsea's release follows the expiration of the terms of the EDVA Grand Jury that previously demanded her testimony. Chelsea was in jail [this time] for 62 days after she was found in contempt of court for her refusal to give testimony.

'Unfortunately, even prior to her release, Chelsea was served with another subpoena. This means she is expected to appear to face a different grand jury, on Thursday, May 16, 2019, just one week from her release today. It is therefore conceivable that she will once again be held in contempt of court, and be returned to the custody of the Alexandria Detention Center, possibly as soon as next Thursday, May 16..."

Too few taking on too much for too many who choose collaboration and silence instead.


WikiLeaks Source Manning Could Be Jailed Again Soon if She Disobeys US Grand Jury

"A law enforcement source said on Monday that if Manning refuses to testify, prosecutors will likely request that she be jailed again for contempt."


Chelsea Manning's Statement on Release from Jail and Grand Jury (and vid)

"Hey everyone - im back online after the grand jury expired but there's still a long fight ahead..."


Chelsea Manning Jailed Again After Refusing to Testify Against WikiLeaks

"The persecution of Assange and Manning comes amid a frenzied war fever, as the Trump administration simultaneously threatens Iran and Venezuela and escalates its trade war with China. Hand in hand with an intensifying campaign to censor the internet, the effort to silence Assange and Manning is aimed at crushing dissent and preventing the development of a mass antiwar movement..."

Seems to be working like a hot damn here too.


Chelsea Manning's Lawyers: 'It is up to the press to stand up for themselves, to stand up for the practice of journalism and to stand up for Chelsea in the same manner she has courageously stood up for the press."


Chelsea Manning's Lawyers: 'It is up to the press to stand up for themselves, to stand up for the practice of journalism and to stand up for Chelsea in the same manner she has courageously stood up for the press."


Chelsea Manning's Lawyers: 'It is up to the press to stand up for themselves, to stand up for the practice of journalism and to stand up for Chelsea in the same manner she has courageously stood up for the press."


Chelsea Has Been Placed into Federal Custody - Here are Her Statements and Important Info



US Media Silent on Re-Jailing of Chelsea Manning

"Imagine the following scenario..."


Lawyers Say Chelsea Manning Lacks Financial Capacity To Pay Fines

"...I do the work I do for the same reason I do everything: because I want to make a difference. Now my work has been totally interrupted by my incarceration. I definitely feel the costs of these sanctions, but I never expected to have a comfortable life, and I would rather be in debt forever than betray my principles..."

Free Chelsea! Imprison the War Criminals!


The Vindictive Campaign Against Chelsea Manning, America's Political Prisoner

"...Manning is not being punished for any crime, nor has she been charged with a crime. Rather, she is being held in contempt of court for refusing - on principle and courageously - to testify before a star chamber grand jury impaneled to railroad journalist and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange into a US prison, or worse. The unprecedented financial penalties against Manning threaten her with personal bankruptcy and have already resulted in her losing her apartment in June..."


Chelsea Manning Must Not Be Forgotten!

"Yesterday, December 17, whistleblower Chelsea Manning spent her 32nd birthday alone in a prison cell in Alexandria, Virginia, where she has been locked up for nine months for refusing to testify in a grand jury proceeding against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The illegal imprisonment is the product of a conspiracy involving the entire political establishment, covered up by a deafening silence from the corporate press. The New York Times, which published many of Manning's leaks in 2010 has not written about her imprisonment since May..."


Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Spends Her Birthday Imprisoned

"Chelsea Manning spent her 32nd birthday in prison. Her incarceration continues to be a mark against democracy and an open society..."


Chelsea Manning Attempted Suicide While in Jail for Refusing to Testify Against WikiLeaks - Lawyers

"Former US Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning, jailed a year ago for refusing to testify before a federal jury investigating WikiLeaks, has attempted suicide ahead of a court hearing, her lawyers said..."


Nils Melzer: UN Special Rapporteur on Torture

"After speaking to Chelsea's lawyers: Her state was critical but stable now. Such acts of desperation are typical for the confusion, dehumanisation and suffering deliberately inflicted through prolonged psychological torture."

Manning/Assange's barbaric public mistreatment sends a message loud and clear to all contemplating similar public service whistleblowing. Don't. You'll be defamed, prosecuted, persecuted, forgotten or turned on, by the same wimpy liberal know-nothing-believe anything -do-nothings and 'alternative media' that once cheered you on until the NYT, Guardian etc said you worked for Trump/Putin etc and now hate you instead, and  refuse to support you in your hour of need. Why the continuing silence on this


This is sad news. 

There were articles on CNN, Fox and the BBC about the suicide attempts, with brief recaps of the charges against her and her refusal to testify.   Nothing on CBC.   Rabble has a couple of articles from Oct 2019 on whistleblowers and press freedom, and back in 2013 posted a video suggesting Obama should give his Nobel Prize to Chelsea.   I would like to see Rabble cover this much more too.    And as always, thanks for the links and info.


Thanks Mobo2000.

Douglas Fir Premier

Federal Judge Orders Release of Chelsea Manning

But also ordered to pay a quarter of a million dollar fine.


Chelsea Manning RELEASED From Jail After Suicide Attempt, Still Must Pay $256k Fine - Judge

"...US District Judge Anthony Trenga' order comes just a day after Manning attempted suicide inside the Alexandria Detention Center in Virginia, reportedly by using a bed-sheet to hang herself. The grand jury that Manning was summoned to testify before had concluded its work and was discharged on March 12, Trenga wrote in the order, therefore her appearance is no longer needed and 'her detention no longer serves any coercive purpose.' However, Trenga declared that the $1,000-a-day fine he imposed on Manning last year, in addition to her imprisonment, was not punitive, 'but rather - necessary to the coercive purpose of the Court's civil contempt order,' and will therefore be payable immediately - all $256,000 of it.

It is unclear whether Manning will be jailed again if she fails to pay the fine, given that the year-long imprisonment has deprived her of income as well. When Trenga convened the grand jury to investigate WikiLeaks in Feb 2019, Manning was summoned to testify - but refused. 'I would rather starve to death than to change my opinion in this regard. And when I say that, I mean that quite literally.' Ex UK MP George Galloway described 'the US government's persecution of Chelsea Manning as medieval punishment, the cutting out of tongues, the murder of truth."

"Federal Judge Anthony Trenga ordered Chelsea Manning to be released from jail. He concluded the grand jury no longer needs her to appear for testimony. Sadly, this did not come before she attempted suicide. But Chelsea is free."


Courage Fundraiser For Chelsea Manning's Legal Appeal

"On the day that heroic WikiLeaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning walks free...Courage is partnering with Reporters Without Borders and the Wau Holland Foundation to kickstart a much needed fundraiser...."



"There you fucking imperialist pieces of shit. We raised a quarter million dollars to pay the draconian court fines you cruelly imposed on Chelsea Manning after brutalizing and torturing her. Take your money, you fucking assholes. And now LEAVE HER. THE FUCK. ALONE."


I feel like history will exonorate Mannings actions but it's sad to read what she's going through now.