Chrystia Freeland Moves From FM to Intergov Affairs and Deputy PM

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CIA asset, Oligarch and crooked, disgraced ex-president of Ukraine, meets with 'our country's greatest friend' Freeland in Edmonton. 'Thanks for the billion Canucklebucks or so in 'aid' Canada, nice doing business with you.'


A Sea Change For Canadian Foreign Policy As Freeland Is Replaced by a Pro-Chinese Politico

"As of November 18, 2019, Freeland has found herself cut down a notch by the 'plutocrats' that she has worked so assiduously to destroy. Former Liberal Minister of Infrastructure from Shawinigan Quebec, Francois - Philippe Champagne has taken over Freeland's portfolio and with him it appear a new pro-Eurasian policy may be emerging in Canada..."


Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Matthew JL Ehret...(and podcast)

Has Canada's beleagured prime minister Justin Trudeau signed onto his own self-destruction by appointing his handler Chrystia Freeland to the position of Deputy PM of Canada. "She would be the active prime minister should anything happen to Justin Trudeau..."


Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland Given Mandate To Play Key Role in Every Top Federal Government File

"...Ms Freeland's mandate letter states she will work 'very closely' with Mr Trudeau in 'setting and fulfilling the government's agenda."

Capo dei capi


Consortium News Sends Libel Notices To Canadian Signals Intelligence Agency and Major TV Network

"Consortium News has sent libel notices to a Canadian spy agency and major TV networks after their reports said CN is part of a Russian-directed propaganda campaign targeting Canadian leaders. A caption on the Global News site under a screenshot of the Feb 27, 2017 Consortium News article reads: 'A CSE report says Consortiumn News was part of an attack from Russia on Chrystia Freeland's reputation.' Freeland was then Canadian foreign minister and is now deputy prime minister.

On March 9, 2017, Robert Parry, the late founder of published an article describing misrepresentations by Canada's new Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland about her Ukrainian maternal grandfather - whom she has portrayed as a hero who struggled 'to return freedom and democracy to Ukraine', but left out that he was a Nazi propagandist whose newspaper justified the slaughter of Jews..."


"...While Canadians owe Trudeau a debt of gratitude for toppling Stephen Harper, the time may soon be coming when he decides to make way for someone tougher in the Liberal party's leadership. The name most often heard in this regard is that of Deputy Prime Minister and Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland."

David Climenhaga: What Really Happened to the Teck Frontier Oilsands Mine? It's the Market, Stupid.


Chrystia Freeland Wins Award For Her 'Enduring Defense of Human Rights' From US-Backed Regime Change Advocacy Group

"It is truly fitting that Freeland would receive an award which was meant to honour an imperialist."