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Martin N.

In my latest imbroglio with Ultimate Authority, I posted a new topic, using the headline of the news article referenced as the subject of the thread. I thought it self-evident but, I suppose one has to actually read the article before comprehending that is the case.

Unwittingly, to me, a couple of posters, without delay or bothering with the issue itself, took umbrage with being labeled hypocrites. Another posted a rather unsympathetic view of Albertans without any attempt to ponder the issue itself. One posted a rather pithy point questioning your humble servant's own culpability in the hypocracy department that I could not answer due to abrupt closure.

I thought my responses to most posts before arbitrary closure to be rather benign but the resultant scolding from Ultimate Authority left me berift of any logic of rabble policy on Standards of Assholishness and its biased application against me.

I wish to unreservedly apologise to the community for any unintended insult resulting from the use of the article headline. I hold no animosity toward anyone here and can understand other points of view. In future I shall be much more transparent to deter miscomprehension.