Conservative government of Canada losses 10's of millions in gold and silver from the Canadian Mint

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Conservative government of Canada losses 10's of millions in gold and silver from the Canadian Mint

But after  weeks of it being found to be missing, they are only now calling in the RCMP, and after the NDP raised concerns.

Given the high value of the missing metals, NDP MP Thomas Mulcair said yesterday that mint staff should be calling on police to immediately launch a criminal investigation.

"There's no possible way to explain the loss of tens of millions of dollars through simple administrative or bureaucratic foul-ups and missteps," he said in an interview.

He faulted the Conservative government for not being more forthcoming about the controversy.

"People understand that mistakes happen ... but they tried to dismiss the whole thing from the beginning," said Mulcair (Outremont). "Well, if there's tens of millions of dollars missing, there's clearly lots to worry about... This is a really serious amount of money and it deserves really serious attention."


So are you saying that the Conservatives stole the money. Is it a pre-requisite that all employees of the Mint vote Conservative? 

Could it be a card carrying NDP or Liberal employee who stole it? Could it be a unionized employee with sticky fingers?

Was it an individual employed as a result of hiring quotas? Nope. Must be the dirty fucking Conservatives.


I think we have a real prize here.


no one is accusing the conservative government of stealing; they are rather accused of hiding the truth and gravity of the situation. that is troubling enough to warrant inquiry.

martin dufresne

And before we let ourselves be intimidated away from any acknowledgement of that bullion having been effectively stolen, let it be said that employees are not the only people who can steal. This event reflects corporate responsibility, regardless of how and at what level the goods were spirited away. 

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Wow, ktown, way to re-write what was posted. Not one word was said about the Cons stealing it, however, it has happened under their watch, which makes them directly accountable for what is missing, say nothing about their trying to keep a lid on it.

And what the hell do you mean when you say hiring quotas?


I see John Baird is now known as ktown.

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Well,...I do agree with his description of "dirty fucking Conservatives" though. ;) pretty apt self descriptor IMV.