Death at the Olympics

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Nodar Kumaritashvili (1988-2010)


Nodar Kumaritashvili (1988-2010) He was just a kid.


Nodar's dad, David Kumaritashvili

Nodar's father, David Kumaritashvili, after hearing the news of his son's death.

Dodo Kumaritashvili, Nodar's mum.

Dodo Kumaritashvili, Nodar's mum.


N.Beltov, with respect, what's the point of this intrusive morbidity?


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Of course the show will go on, with even higher ratings than before, .

NBC might actually make a profit now.




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Unionist: The point is to remember this athlete's name and particulars. Some people remember such things better when they are able to connect a name to a face.


Ok - but what is it you want us to remember?


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In addition to what I mentioned above, the pictures could actually be a helpful antidote to indifference. It's hard not to feel something when one looks at them, eh?

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Long thread.


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