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jtleroy wrote:

I just love the way you make up what I feel and say. What an over-active and mischivious imagination you have. And as for the above picture as obscene as it is , at least he is not in a cat costume licking some poor woman's arm.

I can't believe I am going to give CueBall credit for this.. LOL.....

Sorry Dude, but put your cat back in the hat, your lack of argument has just proven to be a Shallow Hal.

I forgot that Harper looks like a friggin idiot in this picture. What a goof.


That anyone has to debate the motives of George Galloway is in of it self an example of blatant ignorance to the facts! He is a dysunctional at best and a supporter of terrorists and theocracies at worst. The worst is the most likely choice!

Israel is not "expanionist" or "Apartheid"! You want to see an eample of "expansionist and Apartheid"? Look to the "factual" history of Islam and how it conquered over 50 non Islam countries in the Middle East and North Africa- look to how Churches and Synagogues  have been converted into Mosques throughout the Middle East. Notable are the "Hagia Sophia" and" Temple Mount".

You want to see examples of "Apartheid" in the Middle East and North Africa? Look to Saudi Arabias highways  whose roads say " THIS WAY FOR BELIEVERS AND THAT WAY FOR  UNBELIEVERS"!

How about the ongoing brutal "honour killings" in "Palestine"?At least  13 innocent "Palestinian" girls were murdered int he 1st month of 2010 in Gaza and the West Bank- source: the anti zionist "Palestine Think Tank"! Yet world outrage is set aside exclusively for Israel when they act in self defence of a "flotilla filled with terrorists" !  

Why not google "12 billion missing"  from the "anti zionist" "Palestine Think Tank" which describes how Abbas, Jordan and terrorist  leaders have robbed Palestinians if Billions in international aid.  The UNRA decicated eclusivley to Palestinians gets more money and has as many employees( 22000) as does the entire United Nations which provides less aid to all of Africa than to "Palestinians"!

There are lies and than there are "bloddy lies"- the latter best describes how the left  and the worst criminal theocracies behave in regard to the treatement of the only genuine democracy in the middle east- ISRAEL!

By the way  has it occcurred to anyone- left wing apologists in particular- that "Palestine" to these people happens to be the smallest part of "Palestine" ( Israel is apro. 20,0000 sq km out of 130,000 sq km that is in fact the Palestine Mandate) where Jews live and not the  largest part of "Palestine"( Jordan  ergo Trans Jordan - a gift from the Brits to the Hashemite for supporting their battle with the Ottoman-Southern Syria and Lebanon) where over 1000,000 Palestinians are kept as refuges  by their Arabbrethren in the territory know as "Palestine"!

The hypocrosy could not be more obvious: Hamas ' and PLO Charter states " There is no room for a Jewish state in an Islamic Middle East"!

Really ? I thought that this was about a "Palestinian state " and not an "Islamic Middle East"? In addition how  has it escaped the sharp left wing Christians that "Palestinians " are not only Muslim but many - well not that many as they have also been demonized and persecuted being forced to leave- "Palestinians " are not Muslim but are Gays , Christians etc.... gee I wonder how they feel about beeing forced to abide to Sharia Law in "Palestine"!

Israel is held to a standard that not one "Arab country " could possibly  measure up fact Israel just found Israeli soldiers guilty of "using a Palestinian  child as a shield"- the fact is that half of Gaza is made up of "Palestinian children" testament to Islam that dicatates to have as many children as possible- and of course we know how Hamas uses and trains children to become "Child Soldiers" !

Wonder why Kuwait pop of Palestinians has bbeen decimated by Kuwaits ethnic cleansing while Gaza's Palestinian population has been described as " one of the nost desnley populated in the world"- The latter is referred to as "ETHNIC CLEANSING" and the Former is ignored altogether!

One thing for sure- Israel is a great democracy and those who are critical of her would never pass the test of close scrutiny that Israel faces in spite of its disproportionately tiny size  and adherence to human rights while under an obvious and voluminous existential threat !




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Ok if Israel is not expansionist how come it has doubled in size since 1948? When they say they "made the deserts bloom", they were serious maybe? The deserts actually grew in size?


Monabaker wrote:

One thing for sure- Israel is a great democracy and those who are critical of her would never pass the test of close scrutiny that Israel faces in spite of its disproportionately tiny size  and adherence to human rights while under an obvious and voluminous existential threat !


"Great democracy?" No. A country led by war criminals, pirates and thieves. How many UN resolutions is Israel in violation of at last count? You forgot to mention that those murderous mad kid-killers - the IDF is 'the most moral army in the world'. Sorry Zionoid no sale here today.


Where do these Ziofreaks come from?  As soon as one sock-puppet is banned a new one shows up.


I like that one about Trans-Jordan being a British gift to the Hashemites.  As if the Brits had a right to hand over others' land to a lackey, never mind trying to curry favour with The Rothschilds and other rich western Jews in 1917 by pledging to create a Jewish home in Palestine.


It's funny how the locals are never consulted about this sort of thing.


this guy's pushing the same gobbledygook:

Immigration Minister Still Harbors Terrorist Concerns About George Galloway

"Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is making no applogies for his office's involvement in keeping a controversial former British politician out of Canada for a speaking tour. Mr. Kenney sasys he is still concerned about George Galloway giving money to "an illegal anti-Semitic violent terrorist organization called Hamas'"..


If you understood the history of "Palestine" - beginning with the word "Palestina" a word that  has nothing what so ever to do with Arabs and everything to do with Israel and Jews ergo Judea - and the ongoing ambitions of Jew haters to deligitmize the state of Israel - Romans renamed Judea "PALESTINA"- that continues to this day-

Move to the 1922 Balfour declaration and the British Palestine Mandate which promised to return the territory known as Israel = ergo Palestine- back to Jews.

The British betrayed the Jews inorder to enlist the help of the Hashemite Kingdom( Saudis) inorder to fight the Ottomans- as a reward they would give the Hashemite what  was re named Trans Jordan - to day Jordan which is in fact 76% of the territory  referred to as "Palestine"- you should rent the movie "Lawrence of Arabia".

So giving that fact Jews accepted  far less than was promised to them- and no one should be debating the fact that Jerusalem is a Jewish city - Palestinians/ Muslims pray with their backs away from Jerusalem and the Q'uran does not mention Jerusalem evenb  one time- in contrast Jews built Jerusalem and the Temple Mount just as the Christians built the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople- ergo Turkey  that was conquered by Muslims and converted to a Mosque- it would be objective to say that Israel currently  is "Jewish in every sense of the word historically  archeologically speaking- ergo coins- literature- archetecture- artifacts- dead sea scrolls- the fact that Jews  pray towards Jerusalem and that the Tanach mentions Jerusalem well  over 700 times.

Israel /Jews  accepts  to have a state  that is not "130,000 sq km " that was promised . the size of "Palestine"- but  only 20,000 sq km of that 130,000 sq km.



As for "PALESTINIAN STATE HOOD" even Palestinians/Arabs  agree that there was never any Palestinian nation or ambitions of Palestinian nationhood pre 1967 after the failed attack on Israel by Jordan , Egypt, Syria.

Back to 1948- if you have ther time to study the history Jews accepted the United Nations proposal  and the Arabs refused- so there was no "contract"  that existed for any specific territorial borders between a "Palestinian state " and Israel.

Going further- If Arabs would have won the war in 1948- 67 - 72 we would not be discussing the possibility of  Jewish rights in Israel as we are currently not discussing Palestinian rights in Kuwait.  The reality is that Jews would have been "ethnically cleansed" as they have been  every where in the Arab Middle East.

But the thing that is really disturbing about "professional Israel bashers" is how they neglect the fact that "Palestine"  ergo Jordan- Southern Syria and Lebanon keep "Palestinians " in open air refuge camps in the territory that is being disputed as a "PALESTINIAN TERRITORY"! These are the "largest " parts of "Palestine" where Arabs - the brethren of "Palestinians" live and  where some 76% of Jordan is in fact "Palestinian"- and where in Syria and Lebanon "Palestinians are treated with utmost brutality by their so called "brethren "- look back some 3-4 years ago when Lebanese militia surrounded a Palestinian refuge camp( "Palestinian refuges in "Palestine" sick)  and began shooting at them indescriminantly!

So when we speak of "Israeli expansionism" why are professional Israel bashers" not pointing to how Israel left Gaza? In fact Bill Gates and other
Jewish philanthropists paid for the  thousands of high tech green houses built by Israelis that   employed thousands of Palestinians and generated over one hundred million dollars a year in revenue.

Hamas destroyed these hot houses  inorder to make certain that Israel would be demonized by the world so any help for Palestinians is contrary to their ambitions of deligitmizing Israel and turning the entire Arab Middle East into an Islamic Middle East with "no room for a Jewish state"!

With every conscession Israel is rewarded with terror. Nice eh?

How is it that professional Israel bashers say "this is not about Jews this is about Israel"...really? Than why is it that Palestinians face the death penalty if they sell a home to a Jew from let's say Iraq and not an Israeli?  So the fact remains that the 'peace process" is about thhe continued ethnic cleansing of Jews which began in the Arab Middle East and ended at Israels door step!

As for those of you who claim "Zionism " is evil...really? Moses was the first Zionist", he brought Jews to the "promised" land well before the invention of Islam in the 7th century  and Palestinians in 1967!

Yes GAZA is under a siege or embargo- so? Cuba also has been under a siege and Castro has not launched even a pea shooter towards America let alone 12000 rockets and counting over the last 8 years that continue unabated to this day...add what the hell is Hebollah doing in the north of Israel launching attacks into Israel?

Lebanon was invaded by Muslims  with the after math of Black September in 1975 after Arafat / PLO failed to assasinate King Hussein of Jordan.

Christian Lebanon took in Palestinians- and  as a sign of gratitude they got a civil war with Muslims killing Christians en masse... so who to blame? The Jews of course.Well ask Lebanese Christian Brigitte Gabriel what she thinks?

Arabs/Palestinians have enough territory but will never have enough because of the tenets of Islam which demand more and  more territory- go to any where in the world where there is a large Muslim population and you will see a demand for independance and more territory- even if it means killing Buddhists in Buddhist  Thailand  oir Christians in Christian Phillipines- or Christians in Sudan!

In addition we all know that the flotillas are a lie- that Palestinians - leaders- are flush with cash  from the UNRA and the international community. No one is starving in GAZA-

In fact on June 01 2010 the CBC had to retract a lie when they reported the events of the Mavi Marmara. Peter Mansbridge quoted Amnesty International and states that "GAZA HAD ONE OF THE HIGHEST INFANT MORTALITY RATES IN THE WORLD"- YET ANOTHER BLATANT LIE!

The source used by Amnesty was the "CIA WORLD FACT BOOK"- you can google it and see for your self that Gaza has a lower infant mortality rate than both Turkey and Iran - and that Palestinians actually have a higher standard of living than most of the Arabs in the Arab Middle East.


Add to this the CBC investigated the Mavi Marmara and found that the flotiilla was to blame for the incident last May!

So is 20,000 sq km of land- smaller than the state of Vermont - considered "expansionist" in contrast to the original  130,000 sq km that is in fact the territory referred to as "Palestine"?

All depends on whether you hate Jews or not! And we all know the  3500 year history of Jew hate that we now have coined "anti semitism"!





Wonder what they would use for an excuse if Israel had been placed in Africa? And people wonder why I am anti religious


Judaism is a religion - Zionism is a political ideology. The two are not the same. Jewish traditionalists like the True Torah Jews denounce Zionism as having 'hijacked' Judaism for their own evil ends

Hey Monabaker still there? Here's more on the 'great democracy' of Israel'. Even a Zionist judge can't erase the truth completely:

Goldstone Facts Chapter 10 - Indiscriminate Killing by Israeli Armed Forces Part 1


It's too bad that this turd "Monabaker" has pirated the real name of a real-life courageous defender of the rights of the Palestiinian people:

It would be a lot easier to post here if well-meaning babblers didn't engage our political adversaries (jtleroy, MCsquared, Gus Williams, etc. etc. etc. etc.) as if they were just slightly misguided progressive types who will be pushed to the side of the angels by just one little more fact or emotional appeal. They should be met by ridicule, taunts, and (when that grows tiresome) silence.


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Geez, I come in here to close for length and look what happend. He's not even jtleroy's phoenix: he's a bird of his own creation.

Before I close, I should note that rabble's features editor and veteran journalist Cathryn Atkinson just debated the lovely Terry Glavin on an Alberta talk radio show. She basically laughed in the face of Glavin's circus act and he was none-to-pleased. Neither, I expect, were many of the show's listeners. I'm not saying Monabaker is one, but the coverage of Galloway in the media is increasingly including rabble as a radical foil to the sober, balanced and mainstream thought which paints Gorgeous George as a terrorist-supporting fascist. So I guess what I'm saying is: strap yourselves in. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Closing for length.


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