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Originally posted by Bubbles:
It would be nice if I am wrong, but the 40 some odd years that I have known about the federal NDP they have done little else than spin their wheels.

That is such bullshit. The NDP are the party that has always put forward progressive ideas, and just a few years ago forced the Liberals to change their budget bill to reflect the needs of students and health care, instead of giving insane tax breaks to the wealthiest corporations, and the NDP for the past year or so has been the Official Opposition, filling in for the absentee Liberals and their weasel of a leader, and continues to be the party voting against Conservative confidence motions. You were saying?

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The Liberals, and the CPC, must be really getting into a tizzy about the NDP, and the NDP's making gains across Canada. We have newspapers shilling for them both and trying to discredit the NDP, and we have CBC, doing the same in their political comedy shows like RMR and 22 Minutes.



Originally posted by Politics101:

Would that description not also apply to the CCF/NDP in Saskatchewan where they feel that they are the only party that can govern that province.

Or how about Derek Corrigan whose party has controlled Burnaby municipal politics for as long as I can remember.

This actually brings the following question to mind - should there be term limits in Canadian politics.[/b]

First if you look at some of my past posts I often refer to the Saskatchewan NDP as the NLP (New Liberal Party) I belonged to it while I lived in Saskatoon and worked very hard to get rid of Devine and his corrupt government. If I still lived there I would likely still vote for the NLP because a rose by any other name is still a rose and the Sask party is merely the corrupt Devine Tories repackaged.

As for Burnaby yes the BCA (Burnaby Citizens Association) has held the majority of seats on Burnaby council for a long time. However term limits are not in play. Derrick Corrigan is not the first Mayor elected by the BCA. The voters have elected the BCA candidate for mayor and given that party a majority of seats probably because they feel Burnaby has been well served by decades of municipal government that is not driven by developers.

Did I mention that Burnaby has more parkland than any other municipality. How about the last ten years of densification around our sky train stations. Oh yeah and the council here requires developers to provide enhanced services for our citizens.


So if the BCA stays in power for 40 years under a number of different mayors that is okay but if the Alberta Tories or the Federal Liberals stay in power for 40 years under different leaders that isn't okay. Could you tell me what specific


developers to provide enhanced services for our citizens.

are being provided at the Brentwood Gate project by Ledingham - is it social housing, a new community center, lit playing fields and by Omni at Gilmore.


I have never heard the BCA described as Burnaby's "natural governing party" I have however heard many Liberals refer to their party as such. The BCA has many principles none of which include believing they have a natural right to rule. The federal Liberals on the other hand don't seem to stand for anything except that theory. IMO


Care to respond to the second part of my question?