Harper's shrine to himself

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Harper's shrine to himself


aka Mycroft

[url=http://www.canada.com/ottawacitizen/news/story.html?id=9c6b53f6-f0a2-4ec... gallery leaves MPs speechless[/url]


Citizens who really want a national portrait gallery in Ottawa can rest easy. The government already has one.

All you need to get in is a Commons security pass, a Conservative party membership and a keen desire to view exclusive pictures of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, exclusively.

Conservative MPs confirmed yesterday what Green party leader Elizabeth May and Macleans.ca blogger Kady O'Malley reported on their cyberspace sites.

Ms. May and Ms. O'Malley were surprised and a bit speechless when they saw the exhibit recently as guest Commons Speakers during a youth Parliament.

"When you walk in the door, all you see are pictures of Stephen Harper," said Ms. May

"I'd say between every window, in every available space of the wall, at eye level, every available space has a photo of Stephen Harper."

"You've got photos of Stephen Harper, but not of previous prime ministers," she added. "Photos of Stephen Harper in different costumes, in different settings, dressed as a fireman, in Hudson Bay looking for polar bears, meeting the Dalai Lama, even the portrait of the Queen had to have Stephen Harper, but in a candid, behind her."

A press aide to Mr. Harper said he would get back with an explanation, but didn't.

aka Mycroft

Here's a picture of peasants greeting a somewhat cherubic and tanned Harper during his recent trip to China.

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Too funny aka Mycroft, was going to say what, Karper is turning into Kim Yong, or what?

The ego maniac of this man knows no bounds, eh!

Could you imagine what Canada would become if he had a majority government?


People must be wondering why they're hearing peals of laughter coming from my office. [img]biggrin.gif" border="0[/img] [img]biggrin.gif" border="0[/img]

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Originally posted by remind:
[b]Could you imagine what Canada would become if he had a majority government?[/b]

As long as the Liberals keep abstaining, he already does.


I'm surprised Harper didn't slip in a picture of Ronald Reagan in there. All American conservatives worship at the altar called Ronald Reagan.

I'm sure though that Harper secretly carries a photo of Reagan in his wallet. The Ronald Reagan worship club runs pretty deep with the cons.

aka Mycroft


Originally posted by mary123:
[b]I'm sure though that Harper secretly carries a photo of Reagan in his wallet.[/b]

Fully clothed or in a bathing suit?


Well young Ronald Reagan was quite hot in a bathing suit albeit quite modest by todays standards.

[url=http://history1900s.about.com/library/photos/blyreagan12.htm]A Young Reagan is a lifesaver[/url]

[url=http://www.hyperorg.com/blogger/images/reagan-shirtless.jpg]Older Reagan is no slouch in a bathing suit either.[/url]

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