Healthcare privatization continues apace

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Healthcare privatization continues apace


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Canada Health Infoway (Infoway) today announced it has negotiated preferential conditions and pricing with MedPlus, Inc. through a national Preferred Solution Agreement for Laboratory Information Systems. MedPlus is the health care information technology subsidiary of Quest Diagnostics Incorporated. This Canada-wide agreement will help accelerate the implementation of laboratory information systems, which automate the flow of laboratory requisitions and results.

Doesn't seem to have been publically tendered, or opened to public discussion. It is presented as a [i]fait accompli[/i], and packaged as purely beneficial.

Canada Health Infoway, "the federally-funded, independent not-for-profit organization which invests with public sector partners to accelerate electronic health records across Canada", seems to have been mandated from its very beginnings to privatize control of our healthcare records.

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LTJ, just because paying 15% profit margin(minimum) and then having to advertise your product, doesn't mean your product will suffer. [img]rolleyes.gif" border="0[/img]
It only means the people being serviced by your product suffers. At my work we have seen the results of paying low skilled, low paid workers, both here and abroad, has resulted in a lot more work for those that have skills, delayed schedules, and generally low morale. Now we may not have the importance of say health care but I can see how privatizing will definately be a pansea to solve everything except the issues i mentioned [img]biggrin.gif" border="0[/img]


[url=][b]P3 hospital costs soar, services slashed
[/b] CUPE[/url]

[b]Hospital privatization a `disturbing picture'[/b]


[url=]The government has 44 P3 projects in the pipeline valued at $30 billion, including 30 hospitals.[/url]

"The government's justification for its P3 privatization policy has been that going to the private sector brings hospitals on time and in budget. The evidence from the Brampton case shows that this hospital is (not) on time, it doubled in price and the bed totals are approximately half of the assessed needs of the community at this ... time," the coalition's director Natalie Mehra told a news conference yesterday.

Health Minister George Smitherman and hospital CEO Robert Richards have denied many of the claims made in a report by the coalition, which says it examined thousands of documents it obtained [b]after a four-year court battle for access.[/b]

This is what happens when phony majority dictators face no democratic opposition at Queen's Perk for eight years at a time. Crooked lyng bastards running the show.

[url=][b]Flawed, Failed, and Abandoned:[/b] 100 P3's(pdf)[/url] Canadian and International Evidence

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