Int. Criminal Court asked to investigate Canadian war crimes

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duncan cameron
Int. Criminal Court asked to investigate Canadian war crimes


duncan cameron

In a remarkable action, UBC professor Michael Byers and a Canadian colleague teaching in Ireland, have asked an international prosecutor to undertake an investigation to see if the Canadian Minister of Defence and the Chief of Staff should be charged with war crimes before the International Criminal Court.

Steppenwolf Allende

T'is bout time. This country's political institutions and their corporate backers have for sure been "playing fast and loose," as the articles says, with torture and similar war atrocities.

Hopefully--and it's a pretty dim hope at this point--Stevie Harpocon & Co. just might have to face some mature consequences for playing immature war games with people's lives.

It's really infuriating to see Canadian military officials letter their Afghan police puppets to do the actual dirty work while they sit around and take bets on who's going to scream the loudest before they die.


id love to see this go forward... And it should not stop there...

People have to pay for the murders they have commited....

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[url= rises in the East[/url]

... The Atlantic caucus spat is not the only threat to government solidarity. The past couple of weeks have seen a growing rift between Gordon O'Connor, the Defence Minister, and Mr. Mac- Kay. Defence officials are furious at the conduct of the Foreign Affairs Minister, who they believe has left their man to face the detainee issue, all the while ignoring warnings from his own officials about prisoner abuse.

At Question Period last week, it was noticeable that the Defence Minister was anchored to his seat when the Liberals pounded the government on the issue. Mr. MacKay glanced over on several occasions, expecting Mr. O'Connor to rise but he sat tight, and the Foreign Affairs Minister was obliged to take some of the heat. Since then, officials have been brazen in briefing journalists about Mr. MacKay's shortcomings when it comes to being a team player.

... Public dissent is a demon the Conservatives seemed to have beaten. But it appears that 18 months of government have blunted ambition and fear in some MPs.

"It's a one-man show and people are prepared to put up with it when it works. They would mutter in their cups when the numbers were going up. But government is too big for that and now the numbers are stalled," said one veteran political insider.

[b]John Ivison, National Post[/b]

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Originally posted by trippie:
[b]id love to see this go forward... And it should not stop there...

People have to pay for the murders they have commited....[/b]

Completely agree. Take these guys to task first then we start working backwards.

Paul Martin for his continued support in Afghanistan

Jean Chretien for his acceptance of the Afghan mission, for his involvement in the Serbian offensive, for his involvement in Somalia.

Anyone got one off the top of the head for Mulroney and Campbell?

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All of them ...
in Canada ...
ever, have covered up the campaign of violence against the Indigenous Nations.
Is this a war crime?
I am not sure.