On Legitimate and Illegitimate Protest

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Fifi: Sweet! Someone just channeled Sarah Palin because I used the word "retarded". Now that's the kind of PC crap that I've come to expect and find hilarious from those who promote AnarchyTM who try to shut down any perspective other than their own that doesn't please them or to try to censor others. This is yet again another area where the insane ideological Left and insanely ideological AnarchistsTM converge with right wing fascism...politics is like a circle where those on the extreme edges are more alike than they are different. Religious fundamentalists from the right wing are no different that new age fundies from the left (and both promote unreality based thinking and are anti-science or pro-pseudoscience), same goes for the political left and right that meet at fascism at their extreme (while both claiming to be freedom fighters, of course, they just don't want freedom for anyone but themselves and view anyone not falling in line as sheeple/less than human/etc). /quote

Aw Fifi, if you keep saying such lovely things about my community and my workplace I might just get all sweet on you, like a crush or something.


Fifi, you're banned.

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