Liberal MP Iqra Khalid Apologizes For Giving Award to Alleged Anti-Semite

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Liberal MP Iqra Khalid Apologizes For Giving Award to Alleged Anti-Semite

Liberal MP Iqra Khalid Apologizes For Giving Award To Alleged Anti-Semite

"A Liberal MP is rescinding a community service award she gave to the public relations chief of Palestine House and is apologizing for bestowing the recognition in the first place after an outcry from the Canadian Jewish community.

The B'nai Brith Canada petition said 'anti-Semitism, racists and bigots of all sorts do not merit recognition from the Canadian government or its elected politicians.' *

*Except for Zionists 


Warmington: Liberal MP Apologizes For Handing Out Dubious Honours

"First it was Liberal MP Iqra Khalid being called out by B'nai Brith Canada for honouring a person they feel has pushed anti-Semitism. Then pictures surfaced of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shaking hands with Amin El Maoued, making people wonder what in the heck is going on with the government.

That was followed by Conservative Sen Linda Frum getting involved - and, suddenly some common sense started to show up in the story...But Frum tweeted 'Prime Minister: When you embrace individuals who are known Jew haters, who equate Jews to Nazis, and you invite them to your private garden parties, you stoke the politics of division.' The pressure on Trudeau seemed to work, hence his 180-degree turn on this by Thursday evening..."

Senator Linda Frum

Israel lobby


The Lobby Attacks: Islamophobic Paranoia & Attacks on Iqra Khalid/Palestine House/Trudeau


'Islamophobia' MP Iqra Khalid Gives Award to Anti-Semite. Twice


Iqra Khalid

"Antisemitism has no place in Canadian society. It's against the work I have done as an MP to promote diversity and inclusion."


Ezra Levant

"You lie. You have been a Trojan Horse for Jew-hatred since your student days. You know exactly who you awarded - twice - with high honors. You support him because of who he is, not despite it..."


Senator Linda Frum


Charles Martel?


Palestine House

"Palestine House is the house for all Palestinians in Canada..."

"There are any number of senior Liberals, starting with the PM himself, who have also made a habit of pandering to Palestine House's El Maoued, a known extremist and Assad sympathizer."