"Most Canadian Photo Ever"

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"Most Canadian Photo Ever"



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We may be Mounties, but we are all still kids at heart with @NHL dreams

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Your picture's cropped - you have to reduce it in size


To steal a line from elsewhere, the only thing that could make this more Canadian is a beaver in a canoe (or maybe a stand in the background selling poutine and beaver tails).


Mr. Magoo

One site that posted it had a poll:

What would makes this picture more Canadian?

  • A beaver riding in a canoe.

  • A moose eating maple syrup.

  • Drake drinking Tim Hortons.

  • Celine Dion driving a Zamboni.


sure, and not very multicultural - from a not very Canadian Canadian.

Mr. Magoo

I would seem a bit of a challenge to represent all of Canada's cultures with only two people.

I suppose we're all free to imagine that the goalie is a woman, though, or Somali-Canadian, or whatever.

Jacob Two-Two

I thought this was the most Canadian photo ever.

Mr. Magoo

I dunno.  Coors??

That's like if the puck in the OP had a blue dot around it.

Maysie Maysie's picture

I was expecting a temporary foreign worker in a Tim's uniform.