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Justin Trudeau Pledges Action on Racism After More Than Half His Cabinet Signs Black MPs' Call for Reform

"So why won't Trudeau endorse a statement against racism that half his cabinet has signed?"

Good question: 

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Trudeau To 'Collaborate' With Ethics Watchdog Amid Probe into his Involvement with WE Charity Deal (and vid)

"The federal ethics commissioner has launched an investigation into Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over his government's now-cancelled decision to have WE Charity manage a $900 million federal program which is slated to pay students and new graduates for volunteer work this summer..."


Trudeau Family Paid By WE (and vid)

"BQ leader Yves-Francois Blanchet has called on the prime minister to 'step aside' while the commissioner investigates. NDP MP Charlie Angus also weighed in on the latest revelation..."

No wonder JT wanted to give them 900 million bucks to 'handle'.


Justin is only where he is because of his family, not because of intellect or ability or moral purpose.

He is now bleating that he is not his mother’s or brother’s keeper.

Ironic that he may be brought down because of his family.


WATCH: "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's mother Margaret and brother Alexandre were both paid to speak at WE Charity events. Here's reaction from MPs Arif Virani, Mike Barrett and Charlie Angus."

3rd ethics investigation of crooked Justin. If he is forced to step aside as opposition members are now suggesting, Pompeo's 'rules-based-order' fascist pal, Deputy PM Freeland  takes over.


Tories Calling For Criminal Probe of PM's Ties to WE Charity, Halted Federal Contract (and vid)

"...In a statement NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said Friday that the hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments to the trio of Trudeau's family members is 'more than disturbing' and illustrates a 'pattern of behaviour.' Singh pointed to th4e fact that this is now the third ethics investigation Trudeau has been subjected to since he became prime minister with the two previous times resulting in findings that Trudeau had breached federal ethics law..."


Bill Morneau Has Family Ties To WE Charity, Did Not Steer Clear of Cabinet Discussions of Contract

"Two members of minister's family have ties to the charity - one as a paid contract employee. The website Canadaland reported on Morneau's familial ties to the WE Charity on Friday morning. Conservative ethics critic Michael Barrett said the public decision to know which cabinet members were aware that members of the Trudeau family had been paid by WE charity in the past..."

WTF? A $900m sole-source contract approved by a cabinet in which 2 ministers so far have clear conflicts and should have recused themselves from any discussions. Now there is more breaking news of a WE trip to Ecuador.


"The WE scandal - reported by Canadaland - doesn't reveal a Trudeau character flaw, more so than it exposes that he adheres to the number one principle of the Liberal Party - class solidarity."


WATCH: At Issue: "The government's decision to hand over a $900-million student grant program to WE Charity and Trudeau's connections to the organization. Rosie Barton, Chantal Hebert and Althia Raj."

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Maybe I missed the link but what about the WE trip to Ecuador? Very curious.

Personally, I found the whole WE Days trend annoying as f&ck. There are far better ways to motivate young people to care about their environment, the poor and disenfranchised and other societal inequities. Plus the volunteerism is focused on what previously called "the third world". We already have WUSC and CUSO for that. And really, those and the Peace Corp are more about easing colonial guilt over the mess we have made in the world rather than actually supporting economic liberation and equity among nations.

ETA: WE is Justin Trudeau's personal Bono.


I agree. Most of what I've seen looks like a very over-hyped corporate pep-rally. Don't think or question just cheer and 'join the crowd'. Certainly not an authentic youth movement.  Obviously the 'good cause' part was paying hundreds of thousands to Maggie Trudeau etc. What a scam.


Nothing to see here folks.

Canadians don't care about ethics and integrity, they care about what directly affects them.

Conflict of interest #3 or #4? Paying Trudeaus mom to speak while not paying other female POCs? Whatever. Extend CERB another month and show me your socks!


Paladin is right. This is a tempest in a teapot. Canadians didn't get upset over government corruption under the Conservative government so I don't expect any outrage from the masses on this because it is nothing we don't already know about in a general sense.  His Mother and brother were paid to speak years ago.

The greater issue to me is the outsourcing. We have a massive government. We should not need to outsource.


I agree that this scandal will blow over because of the pandemic. Never in the history of the country has the economic well-being of the average citizen depended on the NDP having the balance of power as is the case today. The NDP was able to arm-twist the Liberals into making sure people don't at least starve to death while their workplaces close. Unfortunately, Singh mishandled the communication, so Trudeau will get all the credit.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are so many questions about the pandemic and the federal government's mishandling, about what was known, when was it known, and why was no action taken. If the Conservatives had focused on those questions, they would have done better, and I would have even supported that. Instead, they allowed themselves to be branded as branch plant Republicans, and going off into crazy theories like blaming China that resonate with a very vocal section of their base, but that most people find off-putting. Scheer's being caught not wearing a facemask in an airport is icing on the cake. Sure Scheer will be gone, but the damage has already been done to the Conservative brand. I absolutely believe the polls that suggest the Liberals will win a majority in the next election.


Yeah, Trudeau pretty much has horseshoes but the Conservatives have no chance no matter what they do.



Thank heavens for small mercies. But the scandal still stinks to high heaven and it appears at the least that well known ethical rules may have been broken. Not to mention the poor students desperate for funds that have been left high and dry as a result. Trudeau and those who facilitated this fiasco need to be taught a lesson, especially as this is offense number 3 and awarding contracts to those from which your family has received substantial emoluments is a sharp and dodgy practice not to be encouraged.


It is amazing how much a random event can change history. The federal Conservatives can't win the next election because their entire ideology is the opposite of what people want now, which is big government help not individualism. Not everyone of course but the ever valuable centre wants intervention. The deficit is not a main concern. 

I hope the NDP can make gains.


Judge What I Say, Not What I Do: Yves Engler on Canada's Foreign Policy

"Canada's foremost archaeologist of hidden secrets and malevolent actions, Yves Engler in his new book, 'House of Mirrors': Justin Trudeau's Foreign Policy (2020), shows precisely why Canada did not get a seat on the UN Security Council. It's aptly chosen metaphor - the 'house of mirrors' - captures the huge discrepancy between the Trudeau government's public face, smily and smug, and its ugly and exaggerated distorted image in reality. One invariably thinks of the irksome photographs of Justin Trudeau shaking hands with Juan Guaido or the far-right Ukrainian parliamentarian Andrey Parubiy. The reality behind these photos is akin to the deformative effect of the carnival house of mirrors on our self-presentation.

In a devastatingly critical chapter, 'Loving Monarchy, Hating Palestinians', Engler reveals two crucial things; That Canada's uncritically astonishing voting in favour of whatever Israel wants to do as well as its silence on Israel's endless criminal violation of Palestinian human rights and dignity can scarcely be grasped as a rules-based policy. Both the US and Israel do not adhere to international law. They do whatever the hell they want and nobody, including Canada raises a peep about Israel's daily bombing of the Gaza Strip or more settlements built in the occupied territories.

Both Trudeau and Freeland are hypocrites who publicly declare their defence of human rights, but remain silent on Saudi Arabia's ghastly human rights violations as they sell them military weaponry. In fact, we might argue that Canada will accuse a country, say Iran, China or Russia, of human rights breaches only when this kind of phoney, tough talk serves economic or US imperial interests..."

With bourgeois liberal 'progressive' Guardianistas  following obediently in lockstep behind.


Now Trudeau has OK'd Foreign (Global) Minister Champagne's trip to meet and encourage the Belarus dissident in Vilnius.  Belarus is none of our business, but Trudeau sees us everywhere (but Yemen, etc.  victims of US bombing and sanctions) Two things I liked about Trudeau père, his opening to China and his questioning of Canada in NATO (he did cut troop levels).

Trudeau fils is hard-line on China (J. Chrétien would never have arrested Mme Meng at US request) and very enthusiastic on NATO (democratic values!!?)

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Totally agree, Rikardo. I think Trudeau fils is being directed on foreign policy by others. I doubt he has a strong sense of what geo-politics is about and what certain moves implicate. For someone who has a childhood fondness for Cuba, it makes little sense to join and champion the Lima Group and get so hardline on Maduro or Morales.


I agree with Laine that Trudeau is being "directed". Prior to being elected he said he saw the job of PM as being more like the Chairman of the Board rather than CEO. 

I would go farther and say the modern make-up of parties is designed to place more power in the executive than in the leader. Leaders come and go. The executive, the money people, stay the same. Leaders are not puppets, CEOs or chairman of the board. They are front men. As such some have more power than others depending on their views and personal characteristics. 

Trudeau isn't a puppet. He is a man of his class and station. He agrees that he and his friends are the natural leaders and it is a "burden" that falls on their shoulders that they must live up to. He is an excellent front man because he isn't faking. He believes that people like Bill Morneau know best. 

He really didn't see his ethical lapses as wrong in any way include the WE stuff. To Trudeau it is the natural order of things that powerful people work together to run things and to some extent he is right. Everyone helps out their own, which is why conflict of interest rules were created in the first place. 

Trudeau puts experts in charge of each portfolio. I am sure he sees JWR as having betrayed the government. Orders, unions and brotherhoods protect their own from sanction even when they are criminals. Likewise the ruling class and the political class have a framework they are supposed to work within, right or wrong. They are supposed to protect the system, the status quo. 

What I have noticed the most about the emergency measures taken so far is they are designed to have only a temporary impact. No provisions are being made to end homelessness permanently. They are specifically making sure all remedies are designed to not make any lasting changes. 

They give out bonuses not raises to essential workers. No law has been passed saying homes must offer fulltime jobs rather than using parttime temp workers to staff homes. I kept hearing that workers must be stopped from working at more than one establishment as though they were choosing to hold multiple parttime jobs. 

Trudeau is absolutely a man of his class raised with a particular understanding of who runs the world and why it is right that they do. 

But look too at the NDP. They have been reactive and asked little of the government. They have been focused on WE rather than pushing for expanded medical coverage and basic income and higher minimum wages for essential workers and a path to citizenship for farm workers so we don't end up like the US with hundreds of thousands of undocumented workers and quitting the Lima group, and re-evaluating the economic case for TMX and countless other Covid related topics. 


Surprise! Trudeau even more than Harper, is the master of parliamentary manipulation

"...But more than investigating the WE scandal, Trudeau's move uncovers something even more revealing. We now have a prime minister who will plunge pandemic-savaged Canada into an election on the flimsiest of pretexts. He is operating without fear, electoral logic or parliamentary principle. For those who thought Stephen Harper was the dark lord of all-controlling, win-at-any-cost political strategy, think again. Justin Trudeau is worse..."



Trudeau didn't bait the election hook. The Conservatives did that and they are going to continue doing it. Trudeau will continue doing what Harper did. Daring the others to trigger an election.

Obviously neither the Conservatives nor the NDP have confidence in the government. Opposition parties generally don't have confidence in government.

To me it means, are you going to be obstructionist? If yes, time for an election which Elections Canada has said isn't a problem. We have mail in ballots too. 

The reason the oppostion parties don't want an election is because the Liberals would likely get a majority, which is of course the reason the Liberals wouldn't mind having one. That isn't the same thing as wanting one. As long as the opposition parties support the government the Liberals will not call an election which is in their power to do. They don't have to wait until opposition parties trigger one. 

The Liberals had a lot of years to learn how to govern with a minority from Harper.  

The Liberals could do the same as the NDP in BC. 

Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, Greens, they are all playing the same game. 



Engler: Trudeau's Fake Feminist Foreign Policy

"The Liberal government's marketing of its foreign policy drains all meaning from the word 'feminist' and sometimes convinces progressives to support policies driven by US interests, writes Yves Engler..."

In Canada liberal imperialists sometimes market themselves as 'progressives' in order to 'support policies driven by US interests.'


Trudeau Lobbies Biden to Maintain Climate-Destroying Trump Policy

"...As the first global leader to talk to President-elect Joe Biden on Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau raised a pipeline that would ship more than 800,000 barrels of heavy carbon-emitting crude a day from Alberta to the US. In response to the Trudeau government's bid to maintain the worst of Trump, Bill McKibbon wrote to 350 Canada's list, 'It's truly unacceptable that the Trudeau cabinet's top agenda item is to weaken Biden's position on climate..."

[email protected]

Like Biden, an odious little shit ever ready to serve the olgarchy.


Trudeau to Miss 2020 Emissions Target by 99.2%

"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is poised to miss his 2020 target to reduce Canada's industrial greenhouse gas emissions linked to human-induced climate change by 99.2% based on his government's latest publicly available data. So of course we should take his 2030 and 2050 emission reduction targets seriously, right?"

He pretends to intend and we pretend to believe. Meanwhile the very first 'post-election' talk Joe Biden has with a foreign leader is Trudeau begging him to approve Keystone XL. Will Canucklheads stop it? Will they stop TMX?


'No Closer Friend': Trudeau, Biden hold first virtual bilateral meeting (and vid)

"The US has no closer friend, no closer friend than Canada,' said Biden, kicking things off. 'We're all best served when the US and Canada work together and lead together [heh heh heh]. In response the prime minister made a point of welcoming back American leadership on files like climate change, saying 'US leadership has been sorely missed over the past years.'

The virtual meeting lasted about two hours with top cabinet officials from both countries participating, including Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland and US VP Kamela Harris.

The agreed path forward will outline how the two countries intend to work together to fight COVID-19, rebuild their economies, tackle climate change, advance diversity, improve national security measures and build international alliances.

The roadmap will be 'a blueprint for our whole-of-government relationship, based on our shared values and commitment to work in partnership on areas of mutual concern,' according to a statement issued by the White House..."

Bullshit from both Biden and JT: 'We are the masters and you shine our shoes,' is how it really is. But let Canadians continue to pretend we're 'partners'. It's the only way some can stomach our abject, ignoble and embarrassing servility to this evil hegemonic power in decline, led by a president much the same.

'Biden is so endearingly befuddled in his old age it's easy to forget how many children he's killed.' - Caitlin Johnstone


Trudeau government backpedaling on investigating human rights complaints against mining companies (and vid)

"Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberals have broken their commitment to create a watchdog with the power to compel evidence related to human rights abuse allegations linked to Canadian companies with international operations. Warning: This story contains elements that may be disturbing to some audiences..."

Trudeau ensures Canadian mining imperialism continues to have its way.

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But Russia, but China...


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: 'Reckoning and Recovery'

Rogers Democracy Forum: Martin Cohn interviews Justin Trudeau

Just as Trump was the quintessential representation of the American imperial ethos, so Trudeau is Canada's.

'One may smile and smile and be a villain.' - Shakespeare