Question About Abortion Funding

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Question About Abortion Funding


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Hi Everyone,

First, I don't want to start an argument about abortion in general as I'm sure that's been done to death and nobody would be likely to change their views. I just ahve a question specifically realted to how abortion is funded in Canada and if anyone is able to answer it, that would be appreciated.

I was jsut reading an article on the Star's website found at: [url=]http://www.thestar...
and it mentioned trying to force the government to pay for abortions in the province of New Brunswick.

I'm confused about how abortion is funded in Canada. I've never practiced medicine here so don't know the ins and outs of the billing system but I assumed that it was already covered. Or is it only that "essential medical procedures" are covered and abortion does not fall into that definition, which allows people to pay for it as an "optional service". Is it that if it's done at a hospital, public health coverage pays for it but if it's done in a private clinic, the patient pays out of pocket? Wouldn't that run afoul of the Canada Health Act and be considered two-tier health care whereby people with money can get services faster or better than people without it?

If anyone knows these questions, I'd love to hear from you. Reading that article piqued my curiosity.

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[url=]part one of choice in Canada: access to abortions[/url], by Sarah Ghabrial,

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Thanks, writer. That was an interesting article that clarified some questions. Here in the states (at least MY state) it's only funded when deemed "medically necessary" (i.e. life in danger) and msot private insurance won't cover it.

In Canada, given some of the limitations on its fudning in certain areas, private clinics DO seem necessary. I just don't see how this isn't considered "two-tier" and how it wouldn't vioalte teh canada health Act. Thanks again for the link, though.

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You'd find more detail here:

[url=]Abortion Access and Funding[/url], Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada

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The latest information (that I can find with a quick search) on the situation in Alberta (currently funding both hospital and clinic procedures) [contradictions work themselves out differently in Alberta than elsewhere in the country]



People have to remember that the "Canada Health Act" is not a regular act in the sense that the provisions of the act are not enforceble in the courts.

The power to legislate and regulate healthcare is exclusively the authority of the provincial legislatures. The federal CHA stipulates conditions for which federal funds will be contributed to a provincial healthcare system, and can only be "enforced" by withholding such funds. Thus, if a province had the financial resources, or the political will to defy the CHA, it is more that within its consitutional jurisdiction to do so, and the feds besides holding the cash back, pretty much have to sit on their hands.


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