"Tories' take on all this Strait talk: Give the issue a wide berth

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"Tories' take on all this Strait talk: Give the issue a wide berth





Federal Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl is leery of a proposal to change the name of the Strait of Georgia to the Salish Sea, saying he's seen no groundswell of native support for the idea and believes most native people want concrete progress instead of symbolic gestures.

"For most first nations, they are not going to go home at the end of the month saying 'My life is finally better, whoopee, I got the Salish Sea,' " said Mr. Strahl, who represents the Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon riding.

"They want to see a better approach on how to handle water-quality issues. They want a better approach on education. They want something more substantial on child and family services." ...


This is an interesting issue.

It seems just to call the Strait the Salish sea. On the other hand, Strait of Georgia has been the common usage for hundreds of years, as well as being a touchstone of the European settlement.

Maybe this is one of the things that should be allowed to develop naturally, without an official name change.

The Queen Charlotte Islands in B.C. are also called Haida Gwaii. The Queen Charlottes might be the official name, but many people use the terms interchangably, depending on the context (Haida Gwaii seems to have become the ceremonial name politicians/broadcasters use).

If politicians and some broadcasters began to refer to the Strait sometimes as the Salish Sea, the same thing would probably happen, without an official name change.

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Just to confuse it some more - some people refer to it as the Gulf of Georgia.