RCMP on a road trip to Poland

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RCMP on a road trip to Poland


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Canadian police, eager to sketch a portrait of Robert Dziekanski before his fatal confrontation with taser-equipped officers at Vancouver airport last month, will head to Poland to investigate his last "hours and days" and his medical history, police say.

A spokesman for the Vancouver-area Integrated Homicide Investigation Team said yesterday that the trip was in the works, and confirmed that police are trying to get a sense of Mr. Dziekanski's manner on the Oct. 13 flights that brought him to Vancouver.

Corporal Dale Carr described the trip as "part of a fair and unbiased and full investigation. It's in order to investigate and understand the hours and days that led up to this tragic event."

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20071129.wbctaser29/B...? I bet.[/url]

Will they be probing the background of the cops that killed him to the same degree if at all? I doubt it. They are looking for something to say, "see! He deserved to die."

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I hope the Poles don't decide to taser them at the airport for good measure.

Buddy Kat

Hope someone tells the Polish authorities that the rcmp have no credibility left whatsoever in the eyes of many Canadian people anymore.

In this particular case they have been caught red handed lying their face off to media etc. From the very start to the complete end ...with the grand finale being the head cop telling people not to believe there own eyes.

It was just a matter of time before the (believe your eyes or else) video surveillance they rely on so heavily to prosecute people, would come back and kick them in their wretched ass's.

I don't think the Polish people are subjected to the same biased media and bullshit we are exposed too so it should be interesting to see how people react.

Maybe the mounties will have to stick there yellow tainted tail between there legs and do a "cut and run" all the way back to Neo-conada land where they can be caressed and coddled by a fooled public.

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What a worthless exercise in "spin". It appears that the Mounties are looking for further justifications for killing Dziekanski by prying into whatever dirt they can dig up on him. However, "blaming the victim" is a time-honoured method for focusing unwanted attention elsewhere and it is no surprise that this approach is being taken.

Virtually all of the investigations in this country (on this matter) are either by the Mounties, investigating their own, or by institutions that are run by ex-Mounties. The B.C. Coroner's Office is a case in point.

When will the Polish authorities be allowed to come to Canada in the same way? Or has the Polish Government, behind the backs of the Polish people, already agreed to be part of the "spin" in exchange for something else? Gah. I have little to no faith in anything here other than unrelenting litigation and [i]growing[/i] public demonstrations of outrage by supporters of the victim.

What an embarrassment it must be to wear the Red Serge. Either that or you'd better have a very thick hide and a small brain. And the Mounties are desperate to recruit new members, especially from groups that are currently under-represented. It's public knowledge that there is a huge glut of Regular Members due to retire soon. It may not be necessary to break up the Mounties, or re-organize them, or make some much-needed reforms, or anything like that. They may just fall apart all on their own ... due to lack of interest and/or contempt by Canadians.

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And we will be financing this BS that I suspect will be no more than an attempt to smear the victim.

There is absolutely no need for interminable studies. Any competent medical doctor or coroner could have said, on the same day as the event occurred, what caused the victim's death.

The part that this world class airport's incompetent bureaucracy played is evident.

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The B.C. Coroner's Office is chock-a-block full of ex-Mounties. This also goes to which lawyers are hired by the Coroner's Office to lob softballs at the police witnesses. B.C. is particularly bad in this regard; other provinces typically have [b]medical[/b] people put in charge of their own Coroner's Office. Not so in B.C..


has the guy in the suit that reached down to check Dziekanski's pulse when the cops got off him, as seen in the video, and then just walks away, ever been identified?



Originally posted by N.Beltov:
[b]The B.C. Coroner's Office is chock-a-block full of ex-Mounties. This also goes to which lawyers are hired by the Coroner's Office to lob softballs at the police witnesses. B.C. is particularly bad in this regard; other provinces typically have [b]medical[/b] people put in charge of their own Coroner's Office. Not so in B.C..[/b]

Oh, and how has that worked out in Ontario? [img]wink.gif" border="0[/img]

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Apples and oranges. But, if we push the matter, who is to say, if Dr. Charles Smith was an ex-Mountie, whether there would not have been [i]even more people[/i] wrongly convicted, etc. than there were? Can you imagine Smith's incompetence COMBINED with even more zealousness to convict?


Well, your apples and your oranges. I'm just pointing out that having medical people in charge-- in the Smith case an internationally renowned and respected medical person in charge of the coroner's office in Ontario didn't help much.

The problem is broader in scope than the RCMP. And while I may be accused of comparing the whole produce department from the Superstore, I think there is a thread of commonality from government corruption like Ad scam, through wrongful convictions in Ontario and elsewhere, to the flooding of London streets with Oxycontin, and the wanton tasering and beatings of citizens by our police.

I think the common thread is that there are no real consequences for the amoral and illegal acts perpetrated by those in the professional class.

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Well, I think we both know that the remedy is to have more democracy and participation in public life by the citizenry. (To me, that's socialism in a nutshell.) The professionalization of all sorts of activities that are highly political takes from the citizens things they ought to be a part of for a whole bunch of reasons. "[i]Amandla. Ngawethu![/i]," as they say in South Africa. Power. To the people.

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RCMP Superintendent Wayne Rideout, who led the team of investigators that went to Poland, told The Globe and Mail in an interview this week that the Mounties conducted interviews with "some individuals and officials in the sense of physicians and things of that nature." He said the RCMP were looking into the "health of the [victim], his activities prior to his departure, any of the personal habits he may have engaged in."

But why? How could Mr. Dziekanski's personal habits be pertinent to how he died? Who cares what they might have been? And what business is it of the Mounties anyway?

I think there is going to be a ton of money wasted investigating what happened to Mr. Dziekanski and on all the various inquiries looking into how and why it happened. The questions that need to be answered are really pretty simple.

What is RCMP protocol in incidents such as this? Did the attending officers follow it? If they did, should the protocol be reviewed and changed? If they didn't follow it, why didn't they and what should be done about it? Should tasers be used to subdue unarmed people? Are tasers safe?

Spending thousands of dollars going to Poland to find out what made Robert Dziekanski tick is just a waste of taxpayer dollars.

And wrong, too.

- Gary Mason in Friday's Globe (behind the subscription wall of doom).

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[url=http://canadianpress.google.com/article/ALeqM5g1U1VwzlmXRLM09ecA1AzYXt6M... spokesman regrets not stonewalling on Dziekanski[/url]


While RCMP brass and its media relations division scrambled to keep from being "crucified" over Taser use and the death of a man at Vancouver's airport, they also had to deal with an increasing barrage of complaints accusing officers of being everything from clowns to killers.

Email documents, released to The Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act, showed great concern from Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day's office down to the RCMP's British Columbia media relations office over the public's perception about the death of Robert Dziekanski….

Weeks before, RCMP media spokesman Sgt. Pierre Lemaitre wrote to management that Cpl. Dale Carr - the media spokesman for the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team - had concluded there was a possibility of an "international incident" because of Dziekanski's death.

In one email days after the death, Day's office issues an "urgent" request to RCMP to see the latest media lines Mounties have sent out on the Taser incident.

Lemaitre outlined suggestions for what the RCMP should tell the media, including that the death was being reviewed on several levels and that the investigation was continuing….

In the hours after the death, Lemaitre told the media that officers at the scene attempted to calm the man, but they felt threatened. When the eyewitness video was finally released, it showed police using the Taser less than half-a-minute after first confronting the man.

After the tape was aired around the world, the RCMP were inundated with angry emails.

[b]"Sgt. Pierre Lemaitre should be fired for purposely misrepresenting the facts and suppressing the video on a false premise,"[/b] wrote one person who's name was removed from the documents.

[b]"It appears you have been caught in an outright lie,"[/b] wrote another, whose name was also stripped from the email. The email had a subject line reading "state-sanctioned murder."

Lemaitre told one correspondent he had to work with the information that he was given by the investigation team, and [b]he suggested that if he had it to do over again, he would have said nothing….[/b]

"As for myself, as a spokesperson, [b]in the future, I will consider saying that we have no comment, there's an ongoing investigation, and weather the storm of media criticism that we are not forthcoming."[/b]

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