RCMP tasers 68-year old man (twice) for non-cooperation

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Despite claims by politicians and some police officers that Tasers would save lives by preventing shootings, the devices that are being used by a growing number of police forces were [b]never meant as an alternative to guns[/b], experts say.

Statistics obtained by The Canadian Press bear out that idea, showing that in some of the cities that have recently adopted Tasers, [b]the number of police shootings has remained fairly consistent and low, while Tasers are being used exponentially more often.[/b]

[url=http://canadianpress.google.com/article/ALeqM5g1lAoc361pqti2ta_2xmyCeM7b... Press[/url]
[url=http://www.cbc.ca/canada/manitoba/story/2007/12/17/cp-tasers.html]Altern... URL[/url]


The sad thing is they don't realize how they themselves perpetuate these situations just by seeing something that wasn't really there. Then they think they can hide behind their "decision wheel" as justification for injuring and killing people left and right.

It's time to throw out that stupid freakin' wheel and send these boys to empathy training school. I'm sick of knowing these fools are out there, who, if you didn't have a strong enough psychological defence, could lead you down a road of *their* paranoic projection, to an escalated situation where you end up getting tasered, or shot to death.


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Ah yes, the decision wheel. A perfect piece of policing...ummm....tool. It looks suspiciously like the price is right showcase wheel.

Beep beep beep...beep.....beep.......

"Ohh looks like lethal force!! Do you want to keep lethal force or spin again?"

"I'll spin Bob!"

Beep beep beep beep..beep....beep...

"Oh it's Intermediate weapons! You have a wide choice here sir, will you take pepper spray, a fist, the flashlight, or the taser?!"

"I'm gonna go with......the taser Bob!"

"Now sir you are aware that the taser can be lethal even though lethal force was not chosen?!"

Whatever, police could care less about whether they kill someone, bottom line. They have the legal right to commit murder and that power sits well with alot of "officers".


double post

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This may have been discussed elsewhere, if not, it is essential political background to the use of tasers in Canada.
"December 31, 2007: Earlier this month news emerged that longtime Stephen Harper ally Ken Boessenkool became a registered lobbyist of Taser International after the Taser shooting death of a passenger at Vancouver's international airport. Opposition members accuse him of having stage-managed the government's response to the event. Boessenkool has always been one of Harper's most influential and least known colleagues. The following article originally was posted in June following Boessenkool's prominent role in federal budget allocations and the follow- up debate last spring...."
[url=http://www.harperindex.ca/ViewArticle.cfm?Ref=0062]Story on Harper Index[/url]

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very interesting information contraianna, in several areas.


The Globe and Mail published an op-ed piece yesterday written by Ken Boessenkool defending the Harper government's policy and actions on equalization. The Globe failed, however, to note Boessenkool is one of Stephen Harper's closest associates. Nor did it reveal he is a registered lobbyist working for a drug company benefitting from the surprise inclusion in the federal budget, passed last night, of $300 million for cervical cancer vaccine for girls.

also this:


Boessenkool's relationship with Harper goes well beyond the professional. Ottawa writer Lloyd Mackey is a freelancer in the press gallery, filing mainly to evangelical church publications. Preston Manning had hired him years earlier to edit the Reform Party's publication. Mackey has since written a highly sympathetic book about Preston and Ernest Manning, and another called The Pilgrimage of Stephen Harper. In the book, Mackey describes [b]Boessenkool as an evangelical Christian whose children are home schooled, and as "another of Harper's spiritual mentors listened to both at the economic and the faith levels." [/b]

While in opposition, Stephen Harper railed against the easy movement of insiders between the Liberals' political campaigns and the lobbying industry. But the two-way traffic continues. Numerous former staffers for the Reform, Alliance and Conservative parties have quickly made their way into lobbying firms, and certain lobbyists have become spinners for the government. In that light, it is difficult to read as objective anything written by Boessenkool regarding the government of his old friend and colleague Stephen Harper.



Originally posted by M. Spector:
[b] ... he drove the wrong way through a construction zone. ...

John Peters double-parked his vehicle...

...The officer told Mr. Peters he was giving him a ticket for double-parking. ... Mr. Peters suddenly drove off. ...

...Officers tried to arrest Mr. Peters but he ...refusing to co-operate ...

Maybe this guy should not be driving, maybe he got exactly what he deserved.

What if instead of being tasered he had "suddenly drove off" again and hit a pedestrian? I suspect the same people who are vilifying the RCMP in this string would be equally vehement in their accusations that the officers "should have done something" to have restrained this gentleman.

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The taser in that instance is not a restraint measure it is a punishment for disobeying a police officers order. I prefer the rule of law where our police have one role and our judiciary has the role of determining if someone is guilty of any crime. The absurdity is realy obvious in a case out here this week.

A family got an order to have a mentally ill man committed because they were afraid he was suicidal. The RCMP went in to detain the man and when they forced their way into his house he confronted them with a knife. (he had tried to ignore them by not answering the phone or door) They used a taser on him but it didn't make him compliant (it makes some people far more upset)so they shot him dead in cold blood.

The moral of the story I guess is don't have your relatives committ suicide get the RCMP to off them instead.

[url=http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/story.html?id=2cd34cfc-6b2b-4630... taser then shoot to kill mentally ill man in his own apartment[/url] We need a public inquiry into the training that is being given these offic ers. Who are the trainers and what the fuck are they teaching our police? Whne did we all stop being citizens with rights and become potential perbs to be taken down if we don't immediately comply with a police officers order?

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Wry comment on Youtube about Vancouver police politics:
[url=http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=ppjFalU7ZpI]Mega Man vs. Polish Immigrant[/url]

Tasering the messenger...
[url=http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/news/story.html?id=873ac35c-e964-4... parody sparks outrage[/url]

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A spokesman for the B.C. RCMP said he found the video offensive.

Well I find the tasering far more offensive than the parody.

martin dufresne


A spokesman for the B.C. RCMP said he found the video offensive.

He probably expected it to be funny.


Can't find it online yet, but on CBC Metro Morning in Toronto, there's a story about some guys who were pulled over (they claim because of racial profiling), and as soon as they pulled over, one of the guys called his lawyer.

So, on her voicemail, there's an excellent tape recording of five pigs using excessive force, tasering one of the guys who was complying, and then threatening them AFTER they've got them handcuffed.

And apparently, none of the five officers can "recall" who made the threats.

I have a suggestion: suspend all five of the motherfuckers without pay until one of them gets over their collective amnesia. Pricks. They all deserve it anyhow - they were all involved in using excessive force, whether they personally did it, or stood by and watched others do it and then covered their asses afterwards.

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Originally posted by martin dufresne:
[b]Wry comment on Youtube about Vancouver police politics:
[url=http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=ppjFalU7ZpI]Mega Man vs. Polish Immigrant[/url][/b]

That is an EXCELLENT video. And I'm glad people found it offensive. Because you know what? Tasering people to death IS offensive. This is very effective satire, along the lines of an editorial cartoon. It doesn't surprise me that the media jumped all over him for posting it.

If the Canadian Polish Congress is condemning him for it (as suggested by that news article about it), they should grab a clue. This guy is on their side. That's why the RCMP finds it "offensive". The Polish Embassy sounds like they have more sense.

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[url=http://network.nationalpost.com/np/blogs/posted/archive/2008/01/08/15341...'s a story with the transcript of the police tasering and taking down a compliant arrestee, after refusing to tell him why he was under arrest.[/url]


Officer: Open the door!

Ahmed: Why sir? Why sir?

Officer: I am warning you.

Ahmed: Can you tell me one more time why I am under arrest?

Betty: Talk, talk.

Officer: Open the door now (police dog can be heard barking). Open the door now. Get out the door now (at this point police smash the driver and passenger side windows of the car).

Ahmed: Whoa. Whoa. Hold up, hold up. I'm coming out. I'm coming out. I'm coming out sir. I'm coming out. I'm coming out sir.

Officer: Get out the f--king door. Get out the fucking door.

Ahmed: Sir, I am coming out. Can you relax? Can you relax?

Officer: Get the f--k out.

Ahmed: I'm coming out sir. I'm opening the door. I'm opening the door sir. I'm opening the door. I'm opening the door. (screaming is heard as Ahmed, who is on the driver's side, is hit by a taser shot, fired by an officer on the passenger side of the car).

Officer: Unlock the door now. Get on the ground or I will let the dog in. On the ground. On the ground.

Ahmed: Okay (Ahmed is now placed on the ground face first and handcuffed behind his back. A police dog can be heard barking loudly on the tape and there are sounds of police and paramedics talking on the radio).

Officer: I'll break your fucking ponytail (Ahmed has his hair in a ponytail).

Ahmed: (inaudible)

Officer: Yeah, you're right. You lost. You f--king lost....don't f--k with us.

[img]mad.gif" border="0[/img] [img]mad.gif" border="0[/img] [img]mad.gif" border="0[/img]


The second comment below the National Post transcript is pretty disturbing as well, suggesting that Ahmed only recorded what he wanted people to hear so he could paint himself as a "victim." Seriously, would you want to immediately jump out of the relative safety of your car knowing that an extremely irate police officer armed with a taser and a barking police dog were on the other side, swearing at you, threatening you? I'm fairly certain that this was Ahmed's futile attempt at diffusing a horrifically tense situation, not exacerbating it.

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"Mounties release more Taser data on weapons but shield details on injuries"



The RCMP continues to withhold crucial details of injuries to the people they stun with Tasers after coming under fire for being too secretive.

The national police force released a new batch of information Monday following a second look at what they tell Canadians about Taser use. The records contain more data on whether people hit with RCMP stun guns were carrying a weapon, and whether they had taken drugs or alcohol.

But the Mounties still refuse to release details of cuts, burns and bruises suffered by subjects in the more than 4,000 officer reports released under the Access to Information Act ...


Unfortunately, I get the sense that in spite of the documented abuses of police authority in recent years (never mind the anecdotal stuff for which there is no actual proof) that public confidence in police agencies in Canada remains high. People tend to explain it away that either there are bad officers like you have bad people in all jobs, or that the victim must have done something wrong to deserve it.



Originally posted by Aristotleded24:
[b]...People tend to explain it away ... or that the victim must have done something wrong to deserve it.[/b]

That is generally what I assume. But I think that it is a pretty safe assumption.