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Not to mention supplying munitions to US Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan...


What a pile.

SNC -Lavalin lost their moral compass a long time ago. Did you know they lost a human rights case to the tune of $2.4 billion involving paying foreign workers $3.77 an hour to work on the RAV line in Vancouver, Canada. That's correct - breaking Canadian laws and screwing workers!!!


SNC Lavalin Faces Questions Over Pay Allegedly Owed Canadian Advisor on Libya

"SNC Lavalin Group Inc is facing more questions about money the company allegedly owes to a Canadian consultant who has been caught up in a bizarre plot to spirit one of Colonel Moammar Gadhafi's sons to Mexico.."

not much attention/ curiousity/support for the indigeous Canadian, Cynthia Vanier,  being held in a Mexican jail unfortunately, depite various abuses reported. Add it to the pile..



Good riddence although he is probably just being scapegoated by the rest of his cronies trying desperatly to hang onto their jobs. What an utterly disgusting company, and they should be shut down once and for all.

SNC-Lavalin CEO resigns amid probe
Change at top comes as Montreal company reports 52% drop in quarterly profits


Beleaguered engineering and construction giant SNC-Lavalin has confirmed it is co-operating with police agencies over allegations of improper payments.

The confirmation comes just hours after CEO Pierre Duhaime announced his resignation after an internal investigation revealed over $50 million worth of unauthorized payments that breached the company's code of ethics.

The Montreal-based firm said Monday that Duhaime authorized payments totaling $56 million despite the objections of the company's chief financial officer.

SNC-Lavalin chairman Gwyn Morgan confirmed that the company is co-operating with authorities as part of an investigation, but would not provide more details.

Duhaime's resignation comes amid allegations he allowed the payments to "agents" in Libya and Tunisia. However, Morgan said during a conference call that the $56 million in undocumented payments are not related to either country.


It's true: SNC-Lavalin failed the technical scoring for LRT bid

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Witness in ex-SNC-Lavalin exec's fraud trial offered $10 million for testimony, court told

The fraud and corruption trial of a former SNC-Lavalin executive has heard of an attempt by a lawyer representing the accused to pay off a key Crown witness currently on the stand.

Riadh Ben Aissa told a jury today the $10-million offer came while he was detained in Switzerland and was made to his legal representatives in that country by a lawyer representing the accused, Sami Bebawi.

Bebawi, 73, faces eight charges, including fraud, corruption, laundering proceeds of crime, possession of stolen goods and bribery of foreign officials.

He has pleaded not guilty to the charges, which involve contracts tied to the Moammar Gadhafi dictatorship.

Ben Aissa, a former Bebawi subordinate who became an SNC executive himself, says the money was offered in exchange for testimony corroborating Bebawi's account given to Swiss authorities. He says he refused the cash and instead filed a complaint with the RCMP.

Ben Aissa says he spent 30 months in preventive detention in Switzerland before pleading guilty there to bribing foreign officials and money laundering.....