There Remains a Sub-set of the 1% that Needs to be Identified and Exposed: War Profiteers

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There Remains a Sub-set of the 1% that Needs to be Identified and Exposed: War Profiteers

War profiteering: a cancer upon America


The Occupy Wall Street protesters and those marching in solidarity with them throughout the nation are attempting to fight back against the top 1% of earners who have hijacked our nation and turned what is claimed to be a democracy into a plutocracy rife with corruption and corporatist policies.

While the Occupy Wall Street movement seems to be focusing mostly on the banking interests that have run our economy into the ground while raking in staggering profits, there remains a sub-set of the 1% that needs to be identified and exposed.

This sub-set is the 0.01%, the executives that take in astounding sums of money, leverage tens of millions in lobbying money to control our so-called representatives all to the detriment of the American people, the American economy, and the world at large. They profit at the expense of the American taxpayer, off the lives of American soldiers, and from death and destruction around the globe.

These are not entrepreneurs who struck it rich giving us a product or service that we need, they are getting rich while manipulating the American political system and the fear of the American people while perpetuating endless, unnecessary and unethical wars.   This one hundredth of one percent includes the war profiteers, the CEOs of military contractors that are paid even more than CEOs of financial institutions like JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America.


I agree. That said, there are quite a few among the 99% who are making a tidy living off the war industry too. Nothing that is that big survives without having its fingers in a lot of pies.

How many people are there who have stock in General Electric, Boeing, and other companies that are at the heart of the war industry? Check your pension plan.



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Does our new friend MG have the permission of Madison Ruppert to republish his/her entire article here? If not, there could be copyright problems.

If MG and Madison Ruppert are one and the same person, doesn't the opening post look like self-promoting spam?

Ruppert wrote:
Let me be clear: there is nothing wrong with making money, and there is nothing wrong with making lots of money.

This kind of puts Ruppert at odds with the Occupy movement, which is all about some people making too much money at the expense of others and the environment.


You are, no doubt, paid to say that. Do you think he minds it posted in an 'OCCUPY' forum?

WAR is all about making too much money at the expense of others and the environment.

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Hi MG, welcome to babble, and thanks for this contribution. As you read in our policy statement, we need to follow particular copyright guidelines so that we don't get sued, whether or not Mr. Ruppert hypothetically minds. I've edited your original post to provide a snippet of the original article, along with the link. I've also moved this from the national news forum to the activism forum.

Finally, please don't make baseless accusations about longstanding members' motives. That kind of personal attack is not allowed here.