Toronto IDF recruitment drive starts Remembrance Day!

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Toronto IDF recruitment drive starts Remembrance Day!

Toronto IDF Recruitment Drive Starts Remembrance Day! And Continues Under Protest at York U

"From November 11-14 the Israeli Consulate in Toronto will be recruiting Canadians to serve in Israel's terrorist military. It is obscene that Justin Trudeau's government allows this terrorist recruitment to occur on Canadian soil."


Justin Trudeau Has Israel's Back


Toronto - The Most Zionist Community in the World


Unemployed in Toronto and looking for international action and adventure? Willing to shoot Arabs for Israel? Look, this could soon be you!



Considering every single Israeli must do military service they must be pretty desperate.

voice of the damned

Is there anything the Canadian government can do to stop foreign embassies and consulates from military-recruitment?


Why not simply shutter the place and kick their murderous, zionist, apartheid asses back to Israel? I'm sure if it was Russia, Iran or Venezuela they'd find a way. They do it because they can and are made welcome to do so. Why not ask your MP? When I asked a Toronto MPP why he didn't oppose Israeli crimes some years back he told me 'their lobby would crush me.'


Apparently not all NDP MPPs are afraid of Israel's lobby. Also from DL's twitter feed:

Jewish Group Seeks Apology After NDP MPP Tweets Support for Palestinian 'Terrorist Leader'

"A Jewish advocacy group called Monday for an apology from an Ontario New Democrat who tweeted in support of a member of a terrorist group. 'Saddened, sickened and disgusted by the continued abuse of Khalida Jarrar, my parliamentary colleague, by Israeli occupation forces,' Harden wrote. The NDP provincial secretary said the party denounces terrorism in any form..."


Gideon Levy: In a Democracy, Palestinian Lawmaker Khalida Jarrar Would Be Free

"Perhaps the bravest woman living today under Israeli control, in prison for nothing for months and years..."

When will NDP partisans here do something about the Zionist subservience of a party  they so relentlessly urge everyone support?

Defend Joel Harden!

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Pondering wrote:

Considering every single Israeli must do military service they must be pretty desperate.


Not entirely true.


Finally an NDP politician with guts!

"Like Amnesty International and other rights organizations, I oppose the practice of administrative detention where people can be imprisoned without charge or trial. I stand by my call for the release of Khalida Jarrar, a Palestinian lawmaker and mother of a constituent."

Fuck Israel, their Lobby here and the all-party cowards in office unwilling to resist supported by other cowards who continue to vote for them nonetheless.


"The warcriminal Netanyahu has appointed the murderous racist Naftali Bennett as Israel's defence secretary. In 2013, Bennett boasted: 'I've already killed lots of Arabs in my life and there is absolutely no problem with that."

And you can too, just like your new boss! Forget all that 'Flanders' Fields'stuff Canuckleheads! Get your hair combed, your shoes shined and walk with Israel because lest we forget, all the fun can start tomorrow!!


Supporting 'Terror Tourism' to Israel Gets Canadian Tax Credits

"When is a Canadian who leaves this country to join a foreign military force and participate in the killing of innocent civilians, including children, called a terror tourist and sent to jail? Various Canadian organizations have long supported the Israeli military and individuals from this country have directly participated in its violence.

Israeli major general, Orna Barbivay, told ASI Canada's 2012 fundraiser, 'The IDF doesn't just represent Israelis, but Jews all over the world.' Eminent Canadian historian Jack Granatstein recently told an interviewer: 'In my view no one who is a Canadian should be able to enlist in some other country's military and keep his Canadian citizenship..."


Israel Kills - For the Fun of It

IDF T-Shirts Boast of Killing Babies, Pregnant Women, Sodomizing Hamas Leaders

"One shot, two kills."


voice of the damned

Eminent Canadian historian Jack Granatstein recently told an interviewer: 'In my view no one who is a Canadian should be able to enlist in some other country's military and keep his Canadian citizenship..."

I know enough about Granatstein's politics to know that his reasons for holding this opinion are probably not the same ones that progressives would have. If taken to its logical conclusion, his proposed rule would mean that no one could fully hold dual citizenship, since one of their countries would be denying them the right to do something that their other country allows.

And, pop quiz...

Q; Who killed Canadian history?

A: Academics who care that Canada commited genocide against First Nations.




Boycott Toronto I say



Gaza Massacre Update

"A 7 year old Palestinian child, Ameer Ayyad killed in Gaza today by Israelis. The number of Palestinians killed in Gaza in less than 24 hours is 27 martyrs, civilians and children killed sleeping in their beds."

 Instead of just silent support for Apartheid Israel Canada, here's your chance to participate!


So Apartheid Israel's IDF recruitment in Toronto is now over. No Canadian politician protested it. Draw your own conclusions.

Toronto: the most Zionist community in the world.


But every pro-Zionist flunkey politician in town is howling on behalf of Apartheid Israel's IDF schmooze at York U:

Warmington: Ugly Anti-Israel Protest At York University

"...The idea was to shut down the event. They did not succeed. Toronto Police stymied them. The Jewish Defence League and York University too..."


Protesting the Israel Defence Forces is Not Anti-Semitic

"On Wednesday night, a controversial event held at York University called 'Reservist on Duty: Hear From Former Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) Soldiers' sparked a protest. With so few dissenting voices appearing in the media coverage that followed the protest, we can hardly blame the public for believing them..."

"It's a trick, we always use it."

Toronto: The Most Zionist Community in the World

Total Resistance Against the IDF, Israeli Apartheid, Zionism and Its Canadian Compradors! Free Palestine! Fuck Israel!


Lascaris: Justin Trudeau Sides With Pro-Israel Thuggery At York University

"Herut Canada is the Canadian affiliate of Israel's Herut Party. In a 1948 letter to the NYT, Albert Einstein, Hannah Arendt and dozens of Jewish intellectuals denounced Herut as 'a political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties.'

In 2006, Israeli authorities investigated Herut for racist incitement after Herut employed an election banner which implied that Israel's Palestinian population was 'poison.' Today Herut Canada is spearheaded by York University student Lauren Isaacs..."

Zionism is Racism. For the banning and prohibition of Herut Canada, JDL, UJA, CIJA and all other organizations and activities in support of Apartheid Israel. For a total Israel boycott now!



"At the annual JNF Canada Negev Dinner with Toronto Mayor John Tory...

Zionization continues apace. This outrageous political capture of the Canadian political class by Apartheid Israel won't reverse itself Canuckleheads...


"New statement from York undergraduate and graduate students details violence by the JDL against pro-Palestinian supporters, including assault and racist/Islamophobic slurs...Another eye-witness account from an IJV member: 'Whatever you  are hearing about this event from Justin Trudeau, Doug Ford or your favourite bourgeois media organ - all of it is a lie..."

Notice how these JDL brownshirt klansmen continue to be funded, supported and allowed to rampage at will and with impunity whenever Apartheid Israel is challenged because the political class enables them. Why Toronto?



In our modern age brown shirts wear different colours


Actually the JDL usually wears a black tee with a yellow 'JDL' logo. The same colour as the bellies of  Canadian politicians too captured or too cowardly to face down the Israel lobby that grows daily ever stronger. The lobby and influence of Apartheid Israel must be smashed and destroyed in the same way that the lobby of Apartheid South Africa was. Resolutely and thoroughly starting with their support base and funding sources. Then naming and shaming the comprador politicians that do their bidding. Which at this point is ALL of them.

Debunking Politicians' Falsities About The York University Protest

"Every component of the dominant narrative regarding SAIA York's protest against IDF at York University if fake, and the media and politicians are responsible. As a result, much needed pro-Palestinian organizing is being further demonized in Canada."


Enough! No More 'Economic Development Opportunities' With Apartheid Israel!


Israel Bombs Gaza Again: 'We Are Running Out of Time'

What kind of a city allows its own citizens to be openly recruited into the IDF stormtroopers by these Apartheid state zionist ghouls without protest?


Israeli Soldier Who Accused PalSol Activists of Anti-Semitic Chants Specialized in Targeted Killings and Kidnappings of Palestinians

"My latest: An investigation reveals that the only source for a Jerusalem Post story which falsely accused pro-Palestinian activists of chanting 'back to the ovens' at York University belonged to an IDF unit specializing in targeted killings and kidnappings."


Opinion: Free Speech But Not For Palestine

"...Despite us reaching out to the administration with concerns about harassment and intimidation by pro-Israel groups and their allies in the Jewish Defence League (JDL) - classified as a terrorist organization in the US - the event was approved. Our concerns proved to be well-founded as JDL members began physically assaulting protesters soon after the event began."

For Israel all things are permitted - against Israel none are.


"Perhaps York University should consider revoking the club status of Herut Canada?...'Herut Canada is the Canadian affiliate of Israel's Herut Party...a Zionist paramilitary force which committed numerous atrocities including the infamous Deir Yassin massacre.'

Canadian Zionization continues apace amidst deeper denial and aversion of the eyes...


FSWC Considers Launching Task Force to Investigate Antisemitism of York University

"...FSWC also met with the Minister of Colleges and Universities, senior staff from the Premier's Office and a group of MPPs last night to demand quick government action to address spiraling antisemitism at York University. FSWC called on the government to withdraw a portion of public funding to York until the university can guarantee the free speech of Jewish students are protected..."

(Trump to Sign Order Targeting Anti-Semitism on College Campuses)

"The moment that Trump's IHRA definition of antisemitism is enforced on university campuses, it will officially be the death of free speech and academic freedom on Palestine..."

The Lobby never sleeps. Zionization continues apace.


Herut North America's 'Sacred Zionist Principles' of Ethnic Cleansing & Apartheid

"The racist Herut North America explicitly opposes both a 2-state and a 1-state solution and advocates for a vile mix of ethnic cleansing and apartheid for Palestinians. It is an outrage that York University President Rhonda Lenton has not yet banned these racists from campus."

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