Train derailment and explosion in Lac-Mégantic, Québec

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lagatta4 wrote:

That is how the people in the town feel. Most spoken to are happy that the workers weren't charged.

Slip of the keyboard - they were charged and spent years in torment. They weren't convicted.

My former downstairs neighbour (who has moved to a larger flat, in another co-op) was from Lac Mégantic, and knew several of the people killed.

I can't even begin to imagine how someone must feel in that situation.



Yes, my bad. I meant convicted. But I won't change my error above, after your comment. Yes, it was horrible for those men working for a "cowboy", if not to say criminal, railway company.




Unionist wrote:

WWWTT wrote:

To me it sounds like the wrong people were charged for this corporate greed crime! So where the fuck is the crown prosecutors????? Why isn't the crown attorney properly investigating this so that they can charge the real criminals????


Ed Burkhardt.

Luc Bourdon.

E. Hunter Harrison R.I.P.

The Parliament of Canada which deregulated rail safety successively throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

Not saying anything. Just throwing some names around.

Thanks for agreeing with me and I believe many babblers here are on the same page. The last question I asked is why the crown attorney didn’t charge those that are responsible? I believe the judge can also further the case as well but stopped short of this? How the f’n hell does 50+ people die and a community destroyed and nobody in the justice system tries to go after the real criminals??? Now I didn’t check those names that you provided because I’m on my iPhone and limited time so maybe you’re implying something here? And with the evidence coming out of the trial, you got to think that the crown attorneys were either ignorant to the point to incompetency, plain stupid or f’n lazy or are intentionally diverting attention away from the real criminals (which would be a criminal offence I would hope!) by charging those who had nothing to gain in this. I find this trial real disturbing!!!!

lagatta4 Most of the town's residents, including those who lost family and friends, agree. Those workers weren't the real killers. What they were dragged through was horrible.


This was reported in October 2017:

MMA Railway execs had to be forced to meet police, chief investigator tells Lac-Mégantic trial

Sgt. Mathieu Bouchard made at least 4 trips to U.S. but needed legal treaty to interview railway brass


Bouchard said he had to obtain a mutual legal assistance treaty (MLAT)  to conduct a police investigation in the U.S., under supervision, and to access certain documents.

"We gave the FBI and a U.S. attorney a list of witnesses who we wanted to meet, and they took the steps necessary for us to meet them," he said. "It's a process which allows me to act as a police officer and use the evidence gathered in Canada."

Bouchard said the MMA's top executives, including the supervisors of the three accused, only agreed to meet him after the treaty legally forced them to do so.

There are still charges pending against the company (even though MMA declared bankruptcy). I believe they are scheduled to go to court in May. But it's very hard (for me anyway) to find precise information on this. Any help would be appreciated.

And pressure needs to escalate for a public inquiry, for charges against those responsible for not enforcing safety regulations, and for an end to "self-regulation" by the railway companies in general, which has been in full force since about 2001.


From the link you provided Unionist it sounds like that the three workers were charged first before a full investigation was conducted by the crown attorney. But the dates are omitted and I believe that this is intentional on the part of the crown to cover up their ass. The cop from Quebec also sounds like he was trying to influence by using an unecessary heavy hand in aprehending one of the now innocent charged workers. Sounds like a big screw up on the part of the crown attorney in Quebec to me!