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I think you find it very hard to find serial killers in the military, at least ours. Serial killers are well, serial and have to keep killing to satisfy their need whatever it is, for killing.  Our military in general, doesnt offer the opportunities necessary to keep killing. When we leave afghanistan, it drops to zero. And for the vast majority of soldiers, they would not come into contact with anyoen civilian enough to be able to relaibly plan and kill them.


At least, in a 'war zone'/ At a home base, well then they are like Snert's accounts and have their whole area as a potential victim, like anyone else.


Russell Williams: The Role Model and Monster

"Soldiers, sailors, airmen and airwomen are trained to be good followers of good leaders. And he was a very good leader - the person we know at the time. And I challenge anyone to say differently. He was the best wing commander I have ever seen..

Get this: best leader you've ever been around. Someone you look up to. Someone you respect. Someone you admire...All of a sudden turns into a monster? What the heck? What does that say about me? What does that say about anybody who liked the guy?"

PR in Canada: Forget About Selling Sex This Holiday Season - Col Russell Williams Creep Factor a Huge Turn-Off

"Sex is not a sexy topic these days. After the recent flood of grisly Williams lingerie mentions and photos in the news, I predict that womens' underwear will not be at the top of anyone's 2010 Christmas list.."


So you are saying vastly outnumbered by other serial killers?  Though I would say three and maybe all of your examples are good examples of PTSD not being treated.


Studies showing the typical points of a serial killer do not show a military component like Green river killer, bundy, wournos, etc

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Okay, the memory hole sometimes seems too stunning. Off the top of my head (and I'll verify if I'm right after posting):

- Texas sniper

- Washington sniper

- Timothy McVeigh


edited to confirm:


edited to add:

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I'm responding to this willful memory hole:


I actually tried to google for other serial killers in the military. You'd think, if any kind of military training whatsoever is really desensitizing men and women to become remorseless murdering machines, I'd have found some, yes?

I named several just off the top of my head. Fairly well known cases.

Just now, I googled soldier serial killer: About 1,100,000 results  (0.15 seconds)


Edited to add: And I just checked into another one that was at the back of my mind as a possible candidate - The Boston Strangler. Yup. "At 17 he joined the army and was stationed in Germany, where he met his wife, a German girl whom he brought back with him to the US. In 1955 while posted at Fort Dix, New Jersey he was charged with molesting a 9 year old girl. No charges were pressed and he was honourably discharged in 1956."

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