U.S.-Cuban Mafia Targeted Trudeau

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U.S.-Cuban Mafia Targeted Trudeau



[url=http://www.thestar.com/News/Canada/article/290915][b]Trudeau target for `crazies,' aide says[/b][/url]


Former prime minister Pierre Trudeau used to give bodyguards fits because they worried his flamboyant manner and pro-Cuban policies made him a target for "crazies," says his former press secretary.

"When we were in crowds, the Mounties went nuts, wondering whether some crazy would lunge at him or take a shot at him," Patrick Gossage said yesterday.

His comments came after a Star story in which Mike Craft, a self-confessed former "degenerate gambler" and former organized criminal from upstate New York, said he planned to kill Trudeau in the summer of 1974.

Craft said he was attempting to shoot Trudeau at a public appearance in Montreal because of his close association with Cuban President Fidel Castro. Craft said he was working for U.S. mobsters who were upset at Cuba and hoped Castro would come to Trudeau's funeral so they could get a shot at him.

He testified during recent New York state hearings into organized crime and gambling.

Toronto-area author Antonio Nicaso, who has lectured to police intelligence groups on organized crime, said American mobsters like Meyer Lansky hated Castro because he shut down their casinos when he became president in 1959.

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Thanks for getting this going and for your comments in the discussion on Haiti.

i just posted a new topic pointing to the earlier Star article which focused on the hitman story, rather than the story about how Trudeau was a magnet for "crazies" that you quoted from.

Perhaps I should have posted my reply here instead.

We'll see if anyone responds to the way I've framed the story in the post called:
"Hitman admits mobster Meyer Lansky hired him to kill Trudeau, was the CIA involved?"

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