Vancouver Transit Police Tasering Fare Evaders

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Vancouver Transit Police Tasering Fare Evaders



This is disgusting.

From the [url= and Mail[/url]:


The country's only armed transit police have been tasering passengers who try to avoid paying fares.

According to documents provided in response to a Freedom of Information request, police patrolling public transit in the Metro Vancouver area have used tasers 10 times in the past 18 months, including five occasions when victims had been accosted for riding free.

In one incident, a non-paying passenger was tasered after he held onto a railing on the SkyTrain platform and refused to let go.

I think there needs to be security on transit these days for protection of drivers and passengers, but this is clearly an outrage.

We're quickly ending up like the Americans.

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The CBC guy called this "weapon creep". [img]eek.gif" border="0[/img]


it's all part of our "new government" law and order policies.