Wear Black this Friday (July 13th, 2007): Troops out of Afghanistan!

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Wear Black this Friday (July 13th, 2007): Troops out of Afghanistan!



PASS IT ON babblers!

Support the Canadian War-Resistors: Wear Black this Friday, July 13th, 2007.

As a war-resister, I urgently ask all my City of Toronto Co-Workers (& all peace-loving Canadians) to wear BLACK this Friday July 13th, 2007 as a show of solidarity & support for Canadian war-resistors and as a protest against the City of Toronto’s continuing support for the Canadian military occupation/war in Afghanistan. Canadian war resisters continue to build a national campaign to ensure that the Canadian government immediately brings Canadian troops home before more soldiers and Afghani civilians have to die!

Here’s is a video of what 37 Toronto City Councillors voted to support…

Click to view bombing of Afghan wedding party: [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAUpk0XLHK8]http://www.youtube.com/watch?...

Davis Mirza -Youth Worker/ City of Toronto

War Resisters Canada: [url=http://www.resisters.ca/index_en.html]http://www.resisters.ca/index_en.h... {get your black War-Resister T-Shirts from [email protected] or Phone: 416.598.1222}


instead of wearing black... how about we talk about the difference between capitalism and socialism?

Instead of getting the message out that the war is barbaric.. lets explain how the capoitalist system we live under makes our leader choose war instead of peace?

How about we call for every worker to leave work until the Government of Canada brings all troops home to Canada...?


...in the meantime Trippie, got anything black?



Originally posted by trippie:
[b]instead of wearing black... how about we talk about the difference between capitalism and socialism?[/b]

Yeah, how about doing that in some other thread, like maybe one you start about that topic, instead of nagging us to talk about it in every OTHER thread?


Ok lets be serious here... If I wear black so what.?. who cares..?. no one will ask me why... I'll just be wearing something black...

how about something specific like a black ribbon?

That way I can add it to all the other ribbons out there...

You see were this is going.. its going no were...

The whole point of resisting a war is to understand exactly what you are resisting..

If I do wear black and somebody for what ever reason asks me why I am wearing black...which they won't because blask is everywere... what exactly should I say to them???

Ok , I tell them its becuase I want the troops out of Afghanistan... Then what?

What if they ask me why?

Look Michelle , I only nag on every thread because this is a political web page... wiht a left tendency to it...

The war in Afghanistan is the direct out come of Capitalism... You can wear black from now until the end of time it will not change anything...

Lets say we do pressure the government to withdraw... What will prevent them from coming to the same conclusion and entering another war under the same conditions in the future?

Look i don't need to wear a spicific colour or have a ribbon wrapped around and old oak tree do be in solidarity ...... Im stonchly against barbaric conditions that are the result of capitalism...

look I post many things here... I receive ridicule..

quit frankly this wearing black thing is a joke... its a feel good messure.....


The protest could be much more effective if everyone wore those colourful knitted rasta hats rather than humdrum black.

Black is soooo overdone. The common folk will have no idea a protest is happening and will merely assume the protesters are ageing goths looking for a life.

Buddy Kat

Maybe the color yellow would be more appropiate.

Yellow because we are so afraid to stand up to the US and caved into the "yer with us or against us" threat. Just like chickens.

Plus we shoot missles at Afghan homes killing innocent baby's and kids like cowards while wrapped up in a nato flag.
[img]frown.gif" border="0[/img]


Davis, I'll tell you what. I won't debate the colour and I'll make my black an armband. It's only a symbolic gesture, but worthwhile as it is sure to be a "conversation" piece ("peace"?).

What I'll also do is continue to participate in other forums where the topic of Afghanistan is discussed (there is a debate on the internet at least) and I'll keep posting my views. I'll attend the peace rallies. I'll look for other ways to end this wrongheaded circumstance.

But, as one and only one part of this effort, I'll be honoured to wear black on Friday.

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I will wear black to let the govie know we want the soldiers safer, AND a yellow ribbon to support the troops.


Saga, agreed. I can handle the colour scheme too.


Re; Black Friday...the symbolism of black should not be lost on babblers...particulalrly when a jury is due to convict or release Lord Black from his late-capitalist misbehavior...I will be wearing my black "war-resisters welcome here" t-shirt and will accompany U.S. war resister Dean Walcott (see below) when he appears 2-morrow for his refuge hearing as he is seeking sanctuary in Canada from another bloody capitalist war...where the women of Argentina wore white to remebered the disappeared...I'll will wear black in memory of all my Afghani/Iraqi cousins killed by uranium depleted bombs partially conceived in socialist Saskatchewan.peace!Davis


[url=http://www.resisters.ca]www.resisters.ca[/url] 416 598 1222


Date: Friday, July 13, 2007

Time: 8:00 – 8:30 AM

Place: 74 Victoria Street

1 block East of Yonge Street, between Richmond Street E. and Adelaide Street E. – Subway: Queen.


Dean Walcott, who is from Connecticut, spent six years in the US Marine Corps, and did two tours of duty in Iraq, as well as serving in Okinawa and Germany. He worked as a Communications Specialist, repairing all kinds of electronic equipment. Dean did not take part in combat, but he saw its results every day, as the base morgue was located right next to his workplace. His steady character and excellent record led to his being chosen as an aide to severely wounded Marines who were being treated in the hospital at Landstuhl, Germany (where severely wounded Canadian soldiers are also treated). While there he saw the horrible consequences for individual Marines and their families of the injuries they received in combat. This experience led him to ask himself what could possibly justify such terrible suffering, and to conclude that the Iraq War, with its flimsy "justifications" certainly did not meet that test.

He was eventually reassigned to the US. There he helped prepare Marines for service in Iraq. He decided he could not in good conscience take part in that because of what he had seen and learned. He left the Marines and came to Canada in December, 2006, and now hopes to live peacefully and productively in his new country.

Pease join us and show your support for Dean Walcott