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Weather in Canada



Looking out the window, not a drop of snow on the North Shore mountains, 11 degrees, and hardly a cloud in the sky.  Truly amazin'

But we may pay the the price this summer with water shortages in Lotusland, Canada's rainforest.


Sunny, windy and minus 4 where I'm to right now.


Unless there is a big "weather story", weather and bitching about it traditionally goes in "out and about" on this board.


Daffodils were sprouting last week

Warm weather for everyone! (Offer only available in B.C.)

Colder-than-normal weather expected to continue through March

Weather Network forecasts cold from Alberta east, early spring expected in B.C.


Who else heard Stephen Burgess' rant on the CBC recently about weather and his saying BCers were not true Canadians because they don't share the winters like the rest of Canada?

At some point though, perhaps a lot sooner than we realize, Lower Mainlanders in BC will be dealing with rising sea levels, which may make Prairie and Eastern Canada winters seem like a piece of cake.

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NorthReport wrote:

[...] not a drop of snow on the North Shore mountains [...]

Drop? Flake maybe... I probably would have gone with the word trace (although I must admit the word inch could also do in a pinch, even if it is measured in centimetres).