Why am I not allowed to obstruct justice (re:Baltovich case)

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dr anonymous
Why am I not allowed to obstruct justice (re:Baltovich case)


dr anonymous

If I were to say hide evidence in regards to an investigation and the police/crown found this out I would be charged with obstructing justice and possibly another charge or 2. And I think that that is the proper way to handle that situation.

So why were Steve Reesor, Brian Raybould and now Judge John Mcmahon allowed to hide evidence in regards to Robert Baltovichs first trial. And honestly thats what they did.

Sure the crown tried to say that they told Robs lawyers to look in all their 'hidden' boxes of evidence. Well they never did put that offer on the table. They lied.

So here we have police hiding evidence and a crown hiding evidence. And they got away with it. Or did they?????

We'll find out very soon. I personally hope Harvey S gets to attack these creeps we allowed to be police officers and crowns/judge.

Brian Raybould is now top dog in the murder division. Id like to btchh slap that guy right along side his weasily head. This guy is supposed to protect our kids. Instead he hides evidence. Oh Brian. Ressor you're not much better.

John Mcmahon is now a judge. So kids always remember 'you can lie and cheat and hide evidence and convict an innocent man' and still become a judge in Canada. Would love to play hockey against this lowlife creep.

We need to grow some balls in Canada. We dont stand up for anything anymore.

I bid you adieu!