Why is the Harper government so quiet on the abhorrent scam justice in Egypt?

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Why is the Harper government so quiet on the abhorrent scam justice in Egypt?

The Canadian government is very quiet about the scam legal process, the abhorrent trials and sentences of the Al jazerra journalists. I do not understand why they are so silent. What is the gain? Is it just the general dismissive attitudes toward dual nationals, ie they are not real Canadians or are there other reasons?


Ummm, guess.


As we say in my house...use your words.


With the encouragement of the U.S. and its allies, a faction of the Egyptian military overthrew the elected Morsi government and started murdering its opponents. That makes it Canada's friend and ally, not to be scolded. And Harper, being as much of a thug as his Egyptian colleagues, isn't nuanced enough to pick up the hints from the U.S. and Australia and others that you can talk tough against the Egyptian fascists and still back them to the hilt.

Same reason the Harper regime backs the fascist thugs in Kyiv and brooks no criticism of them, no matter what they do.

Unfortunately, we have no opposition in this country. Otherwise, someone might say, "withdraw the Canadian ambassador" (as the NDP's Laverdiere tried to incite in 2012 over the Syrian civil war) or "sanction the dirty bastards" (as the NDP kept demanding of the Harper regime before and louder than anyone else). Instead, the "opposition" expresses "shock and disappointment" and says the Harper thugs should talk to their fellow thugs and ask them to release Fahmy. They present this as an attack on freedom of the press.

Need more words?



[url=http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2014/06/25/stephen_harpers_blas_react... Harper will come to the aid of Canadians in trouble abroad when it is politically useful[/url]


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