Wow Maclean's and Andray Domise!

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Wow Maclean's and Andray Domise!

I have always thought of Maclean's as quite right wing so was surprised to read this!

The world needs a unified, anti-imperialist movement that will stand in solidarity with colonized and subjugated peoples, just as workers in Britain once stood with coal miners and workers across the Caribbean stood with one another. Without one, James’s writing will, perhaps within our lifetime, become prophecy.

MORE: Why public ‘shaming’ is a necessary part of democracy

As I write this column, a military-backed coup in Bolivia continues to tear down the political enfranchisement and national self-determination of a socialist government. The details of this coup, including the frankly ridiculous contention that exiled Bolivian president Evo Morales’s run for a fourth term in office was “unconstitutional” and “illegitimate” has been exhaustively debunked, so I won’t recapitulate the argument here. But, frankly, the legitimacy of Morales’s candidacy is a moot point, as his entire political party (Movement for Socialism, otherwise known as MAS), has essentially been purged from office. Whatever one’s opinions of Morales, the fact that MAS’s legitimately elected party members cannot take their seats in congress, under the threat of state violence means that democracy has died in Bolivia.

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There is already a thread called the Military Coup in Bolivia.


This thread isn't about the coup, it's about the fact that Maclean's printed something so truthful and decidedly leftist. They are a major news magazine that many people read and are influenced by. 

I have become so used to the mainstream media ignoring the truth and parroting right wing propaganda about foreign unrest. This seems unusual to me.