Chomsky: Julian Assange's 'savage persecution' and the telling silence of our Vichy press

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Yanis Varoufakis To Testify Against Private Company Hired To Spy on Assange

"...More specifically, the investigation is focusing on the illegal video and sound recording of private conversations between Varoufakis and Assange that were secretly obtained by the security agency. It also pertains to the illegal collection of copies of Varoufakis' passport, as well as the contents of his mobile - all of which were transmitted from UC Global to its 'customer' across the Atlantic, i.e., the US government.

It is of critical importance that this case against those who have hunted Julian Assange for years is conducted by a European Justice authority. All the while, Julian is slowly dying in inhumane isolation in the British equivalent of Guantanamo: the high security HM Prison Bellmarsh. And for what crime?

For informing citizens in the West of the crimes committed by their governments in their name."


The Trial of Julian Assange Should Terrify Everyone (and vid)


Latest article from the CBC on the Assange trial is from Sept 30th.   It is embarassingly sparse of detail and gives no context or indication of the issues related to press freedom bound up in the trial.

Peter Hitchens, who went to great lengths to reiterate Assange is "not his people"  nevertheless wrote a good defence of Assange:

"There is a final part of this which is deeply alarming. If the UK gives Mr Assange to the US Federal authorities, he passes for ever into a prison system quite different from ours. You may think, and I would agree with you, that our penal system has a lot wrong with it. But the USA’s has different faults. It can be astonishingly cruel to unconvicted defendants, placing them under special measures that mean they are almost wholly cut off from normal human society.

If Mr Assange is then convicted by a US court, and this is statistically very likely, he could face decades in a modern dungeon such as the notorious ‘Supermax’ prison at Florence, Colorado, more or less buried alive with little hope of ever seeing freedom again. He is far from well at the moment. Those who know him fear that this might be more than he could bear.

Mr Assange is not a terrorist, a spy or a killer. There is as far as I know no evidence that any of his disclosures has, in fact, led to any harm being done to anyone.

WikiLeaks redacted documents to avoid such harm, and tried to prevent unredacted publication of material in its possession. The idea that he should face the strong possibility of being entombed alongside terrorist killers does not really meet any test of justice.  Like me, you do not have to like him, or agree with him, to see this."


Election 2020: Media Silence on Assange Aids Trump

"As the US presidential election cycle enters its final days, the liberal media that is backing Joe Biden has arguably helped Donald Trump's reelection chances by failing to report on the groundbreaking evidence presented by Julian Assange's defense team in the imprisoned journalist's extradition hearing in September.

The same US media that benefited from the Chelsea Manning-era publications that Assange is now being prosecuted for publishing, and who nominally consider themselves avatars of 'resistance' against Trump, are avoiding what would amount to a hard-hitting scandal for Trump, were it to be properly covered in the press..."


First They Came For Julian...

"Attacks on human rights and freedom of speech are at the centre of the Julian Assange extradition case, but why then has the press coverage been so minimal.?" Richard Medhurst on Renegade Inc.


"Spoke to Julian. A friend of his killed himself in the early hours of this morning. His body is still in the cell in Julian's wing. Julian is devastated. Manoel Santos was gay. He'd lived in the UK for 20 years. The Home Office served him with a deportation notice to Brazil. Julian wants to express his condolences to Manoel's friends and family...(see Thread)


Officials Release Newly-Unredacted Portion of the Mueller Report Just Before Election:

"With respect to Wikileaks and Assange, this office determined the admissible evidence to be insufficient on both the agreement and knowledge prongs...And absent sufficient evidence of such knowledge, the government could not prove that WikiLeaks (or Assange) joined an ongoing hacking conspiracy..."

Especially with no hack nor conspiracy ever existing.


Julian Assange Locked Down in his Cell After COVID Outbreak in Prison

"...All prisoners and staff will be tested for the virus over the next 48 hours but until then all exercise and showers have been stopped and prisoners have to eat in their cells. Assange has been held at Belmarsh Prison in southwest London for the last year and a half and is awaiting the judgment from a US extradition hearing on January 4.

His partner, Stella Moris, the mother of their two young children, said 'keeping Julian in the UK's harshest prison, exposed to a deadly virus and away from his family is not only cruel, it offends British values and democracy itself."


My Message to Insiders: Help Free Assange Now (and vid)

"Julian saved whistleblowers. Now whistleblowers have to save Julian. If you are an insider and you know something, please expose it. His life depends on it. Read the YouTube description for details


'You Alone Can Save His Life': NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden, urges Trump to Grant Clemency to WikiLeaks' Julian Assange

"Mr President, if you grant only one act of clemency during your time in office, please free Julian Assange. You alone can save his life..."

I concur.