A modest proposal

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A modest proposal

And no I don't claim to have Mr. Swift's brilliance, but I would like to invoke his sense of respect and subtlety. And his ability to slice someone's head of it's shoulder's so cleanly that it is left standing there.

You know what I miss most? Not that there are people who think the same way as I do, because frankly I can get that by locking myself in a closet.

But people who are willing to have an honest and respectful conversation about stuff, recognizing that most of our sources have slants and biases, and that we might be completely in opposition on certain issues, but still be able to hear one another out.

I'd say most of the people here have that respect a good deal of the time . Some more than others , and sometimes it has been tested by issues of great opposition. But it is really nice to be able to talk with someone, even someone who holds ideas I think are abhorrent, who doesn't automatically assume I am the devil, or brainwashed, or hasn't read the material or paid attention well enough  (because if I did obviously I'd agree).

I could care less about the range of theories and ideas people put out there on this site. Even the fucking trolling. It is all fine, and I said so not that long ago

But when it comes down to accepting or rejecting information and opinions based on nothing more than where you think they are coming from you you are putting a knife in the heart of any real discussion.
I really hate that we have fallen so far into factionalism. I especially hate that I have recently given up on the respect we should have and just called it as I see it. Honestly? The next step is me giving up on this entirely. So I see no problem in putting how I really feel about this out there like this.

I care less about who is right or wrong than I do about seeing the whole house burn down. And if it is nothing but factions shouting at one another, with no concern for evidence or common decency then that is where we will be. 

And there is a good reason why I am not putting this in banter.