Nuclear Power's Canadian CEO and the Issues

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Nuclear Power's Canadian CEO and the Issues


Duncan Hawthorne - Japan, Shipping Nuclear Waste, and building more nuclear power plants in Canada

Who is promoting nuclear power expansion in Canada?

One unabashed promotion of nuclear power comes from one of Canada's nuclear power industry leaders, Duncan Hawthorne, the CEO of Bruce Power in Ontario [a subsidiary of Trans Canada Pipelines Co.], speaking to the Empire Club in Toronto in January 2011.

You may remember Duncan Hawthorn from more recent times - he was being interviewed, as a special guest in the CBC studios, in the early days of the Japan crisis in March - the guy with the thick Scottish accent.

Hawthorne spewed forth in those CBC interviews with accolades for nuclear power, and telling viewers that the Japan crisis was "nothing ta ge' ung about".

He projected that the worst was over, just keep some water on the rods, and soon enough the focus would be to get the plant up and running again.

CBC interview>
{more vids of Dunc on Fox, etc, on right hand column of that page}

Then he disappeared as the news from Japan got worse.

His projections of the crisis winding down were fully opposite the reality that unfolded. We have not heard a work from this mockingbird in the weeks since, although he has done interviews with Fox news in the US {see links on the page linked above}.

Duncan Hawthorne was speaking, in January 2011, to the nuclear power friendly people of the Empire Club, a place where the Wealthy Elites hang out.

Hawthorne was saying to the assembled crowd that "it's time for Canada to step up and be a leader in the nuclear industry". And soon!! - ""A decision on new build needs to be made this year," he said.

And then, Japan happened. Poor Duncan has a hard time with timing.

In other nuclear power related news, also concerning Bruce Power, is that the plans to ship nuclear waste through the Great Lakes and on to Sweden for treatment has been put on hold. An accident along the way could poisen drinking water for 40 million people... and other concerns, plus the Japan crisis,

"The company wants to ship 16 school bus-sized radiation-contaminated steam generators from its plant on the shores of Lake Huron to Sweden for recycling."

So Bruce Power's CEO Duncan Hawthorne has waded in on nuclear power expansion in Canada, then said the Japan crisis was not a crisis at all, and finally his plans for shipping nuclear waste across the Great Lakes, and then the Atlantic ocean, were put on hold. All I can say is "HA!!".

  Will you say "HA!!" with me?