Our Genders are Not Disordered

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Le T wrote:

No, you're thinking of the strawperson that you and Sineed created. I did read RTTG telling you that people don't "feel" trans they know they are, as RTTG knew and then you not accepting that and continuing to infer that there is some major problem of young people who are not trans having hormones and surgery pushed on them by trans people. Which sounds a hell of a lot like teachers turning kids gay, feminists forcing women to have abortions or any number of other fear mongering tropes made by biggots.

You're missing the point that these procedures have long-term consequences, especially during puberty, which is all the more reason to think them over (whether or not people know they are trans).

The hasty treatment argument has to hide certain facts, or minimize them through statements like this: 

As a final note: People who come forward, asking for medical transition are about as likely to be unhappy with their decision as any random person will be with society's decision to assign them a gender based on their appearance at birth.

So, because gender-as-sex is a problem, it is okay to freely and uncritically tell people to go through transition at puberty. It's like saying "well, advocating for abortions for anyone who wants one is okay and if people regret their decision it's no different than the people regretting their decision not to abort". These sorts of arguments absolve everyone of responsibility for their advocacy on the basis that other's/society's positions are irresponsible, too. Sorry, but I don't think marginal progressive positions are going to gain the upper hand by playing into the very same hypocritical and irresponsible position that  social conservatives take.



I know the benefits of self-mutilation (in terms of the feelings afterwards and as a way of coping with problems) but I am not going to tell others "go carte blanche on yourself because you CAN" or that "this is absolutely the right choice for you". I wish some "anti-choice asshole biggot" could have told me of all the problems with it, even if he/she had no right to take the razor out of my hand.


Or that doctor who prescribed me Accutane because I wanted acne free skin at 14? Yeah, those anti-choicers were wrong not to tell me about the long-term risks of depression and suicidal ideation.

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This thread has gone off the rails, and I really don't know how it can be fixed.

So before I close it, a reminder that without having actual lived experience and I'm not implying that all trans folks have the same experiences of course, anyone who doesn't identify as trans, or gender-identity-questioning, is a learner in this discussion. That includes me, by the way.

Yes everyone can all share ideas and have opinions, but the reason that trans issues are done so badly on babble is that there are so few trans folks here, perhaps due to the history. The cycle continues.

I enjoy and respect all babblers who've posted to this thread, and am just getting to know Red Tory Tea Girl. There's been problematic language used by many here, and I don't plan to go through and admonish everyone. I'm not a schoolmarm.


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