Power Relations

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Power Relations

The rhytms of power relations are unpredictable. Can you imagine domination without resistance? Can you imagine hegemony without  a push?


Whenever you throw around "lumpen proletariat" don't you just die inside because you are so governed that such a category is a product of your position?? And how.


Whenever we talk what is on our minds? Maybe we are
"free" enough for freedom. Maybe we are guilty.


"Power relations" viewed through the lens of moralism.

Which I guess is characteristic of most of the left. At least lots of it suffusing Babble- if not dominant.


Leftists tend to ostensibly subscribe to materialist analysis. [Even when they dont call it that, or even know what it is.]

But then flagelate each other for harbouring 'unfree' ideas.

[Dripping with idealism as well as moralism. Or more like idealism/moralism.]


What are you two on about? At least three separate topics, each potentially interesting.

Start with a reply to the first post .....

Power relations between what and/or whom, in which present and/or historical and/or theoretical context? In each of those, and possibly several other instances, the rhythm (though i question the use of that word; would prefer 'cycle') of power relations is quite predictable, if one has a minimum required information about the field and the players. Domination without resistance happens all the time, both in nature and in human affairs. You don't need to imagine it; you only need to observe and describe - and, if you wish, analyze the mechanism and search out survival-value, origins, etc. "Hegemony without a push"  i won't even speculate on, unless it's much better defined.

...... and see if anything more articulate materializes.

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Moving to humanities & science.


Eric Blair, who wrote under the pen name, George Orwell, is famous for his anthem on power, his novel [url=http://www.liferesearchuniversal.com/orwell.html][i]1984[/i][/url]. Apparently Blair's literary warning about powerful authoritarian dictatorship hasn't worked to prevent it from happening. We have rightwing ideologues today using doublethink to deceive the public concerning everything from bank bailouts as socialist style "nationalisation" to be weary of, through to waging pre-emptive humanitarian war to achieve peace. And we're being lied to constantly.