Is Rob Ford "chicken" to debate Smitherman in Toronto mayoral race?

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Is Rob Ford "chicken" to debate Smitherman in Toronto mayoral race?

The Toronto Star and Globe and Mail would have us believe that Rob Ford is "chicken" not to debate George Smitherman (top two poll runners in mayoral race) in Toronto recently. Also they are shooting him down for an alleged verbal assault at a high school foortball game in 2001?

George Smitherman at Jazz Fest

But why is that Ford will not debate Smitherman one on one? Ford says it's because he wants to decide when they should debate and I agree.

So does this mean the Star and the Globe are not endorsing Rob Ford for mayor? They have to go back that far (2001) to find some "dirt" on Ford?

I'm no cheerleader of Ford but, this smacks of a smear if I ever saw one.
And the Star and the Globe have disabled comments, why is that? I agree that there may be some legal reasons but the Star moderates their comments, what's their answer to that one?

I don't know what happened either since I wasn't there and strangely there is no paper trail, just peoples memory from 2001?

I think voters can read through what is happening here and YOU can vote for who you think should be mayor, because that is what I will be doing.

This is what I have never understood/liked about politics. They run polls and say this is who is leading, but that is a wash because the voters will decide who wins, NOT polls. No-one knows who is telling the truth, or just guessing when they are polled.

Are the papers trying to tell us who should win and because Ford is leading in the polls, that is who you should vote for?
Let's do it right this time and the citizens decide who they want, not just the name they recognize most, listen, read and make the decision on your own, who you think should be our mayor.
We need someone who will make our lives better and only the voter can determine that based on what they "say" they will do in the campaign.

Daniel .. Toronto

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I live in Toronto, and I'm voting for mayor. I have to say, in answer to your OP question, that I respectfully don't give a tiny rat's ass.


FYI, dandmb50, "news by the rest of us" is for news articles and essays perhaps published elsewhere online (or not) that are written by babblers themselves.

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Oh sorry about that I didn't know.

Daniel .. Toronto