Words and their misuse. Economic storm, for instance.

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Brian White
Words and their misuse. Economic storm, for instance.

Clearly it is NOT an economic storm.  The storm was the crazy economic activity before the calm.  

Surely we are now in the doldrums?

 I think so anyway.

The whole thing is strange in the extreme.  

The powers that be try to get us to have wage restraint while they shovel unimaginable amounts of money to  the bilionaire corporations who claim to have fallen on hard times!  And they tell us that we will have to pay for this corporate welfare for the rest of our lives.

I think the french revolution was a lot cheaper and in the long term, a lot less brutal.

We are currently being robbed by the uberwealthy through their employee political leaders.

Let the holy free market destroy the bastards so we can get on with our lives without their debt around our necks. 

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