Audrey McLaughlin

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Mighty Middle
Audrey McLaughlin

Elected NDP Leader 30 years ago this year.


Thank you for reminding us of this momentous date.  We need someone like Audrey today!


I think anniversaries of McLaughlin becoming leader of the NDP have been and will continue to be overshadowed by the École Polytechnique massacre that happened just after she became leader.

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This is the  thirtieth anniversary of the Montreal massacre at L'Ecole Polytechnique. This is a very serious and solemn day. Twenty eight women were  gunned down by an assassin killing fourteen of them because they were women. This is our national day to reflect on violence against women 

This thread is in poor taste.

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I have wondered whether Audrey’s success somehow fed into the sick cauldron of resentments in the killer’s mind. 

By saying this I do not mean in anyway to detract from her victory and the political milestone it signified for women. But  women’s progress is so often impeded by misogyny.

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If it was just because he didn't get accepted into the engineering program, then early September when classes started would have been a logical date to have shot the female students. He didn't though. He picked Audrey McLaughlin's victory day to commit mass murder.