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Elections Nunavut
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Where in Nunavut are you posting from, Ippurigakko? And what could Tom Mulcair do to cause the minister of health to disappear? Does she ensure health facilities are improved there?


Umm... I am Nunavutian and everyday read on Nunavut News..


Nunavut next elections on October 28, 2013 and new 3 riding all total 22 riding.



Premier loses seat in Nunavut election

IQALUIT, Nunavut — Nunavut will have a new premier.

Voters in the territory went to the polls on Monday and Eva Aariak, who was premier heading into the election, lost her seat to George Hickes by 43 votes.

The 22 successful candidates will meet in mid-November to pick a premier from among themselves, according to the rules of Nunavut’s consensus-style government.

Interest was high in the vote, which was conducted in weather that varied from balmy to blizzard over the expanse of the vast, eastern Arctic territory.

A total of 72 candidates ran for 22 seats, with only two ridings won by acclamation.

Paul Okalik, a former Nunavut premier, was elected in Iqaluit-Sinaa, one of four ridings in the capital.

Okalik’s former chief of staff, Anne Crawford, lost by 20 votes in the riding of Iqaluit-Niaqunnguu.

Jack Anawak, a former Liberal member of Parliament and longtime northern politician, also ran in Iqaluit, but came fourth.

Just thought I'd post but I know nothing about the politics of the winners or losers, well except for Anawak the former Lib mp who came 4th.