Islam in Yellowknife

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Islam in Yellowknife

Yellowknife RCMP are investigating what the city's Muslims consider to be a hate crime after an image depicting the Prophet Muhammad was found at their place of worship.

Nur Ali told CBC News that he went to the Islamic Centre of Yellowknife to pray early Monday morning when he saw the picture glued to the door that women use to enter the centre.

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Here is my personal view: I wish the Muslim community -and the RCMP- consider the incident as a mere case of vandalism. Getting into the topic as whether one can draw or depict an image of the Prophet would be a sticky subject that would bring them more annoyances and grief. A Muslim should not do it and if a non-Muslim or (or even a Muslim for that matter)  chooses to do it, it is his or her business.

Muslims' display of outrage over depiction of the Prophet can only play in the hands of islamophobes: "You want to piss off a Muslim? make a picture of Mohammed". My reaction? Make albums of Muhamed if you want!


I can't believe I missed this. Someone down south actually noticed a happening in the North.

This church has been going on for sometime and I followed it's journey north with great interest.

I think it's wonderful that the Islamic community not only pitched in to build this but sent it North. It was a great accomplishment.

As always, there is some nut case who has to rain on every body's parade.

If they ignore him/her, hopefully they will get bored and go torment someone else.

I really don't think this relects the thought of most of the people there.


They've been remodeling this building for over a year and finally it is done


Didn't get to go for the Grand opening but a friend showed me some pictures. Amazing that it was once just a trucking wahehouse.


 It also received $75,000 from the Yukon government last year, via community development funding, 

Do we help build churches too? Can't say I'm in favor of that. 


Pondering wrote:

 It also received $75,000 from the Yukon government last year, via community development funding, 

Do we help build churches too? Can't say I'm in favor of that. 

Not much worse - and far less money - than the tax dollars going to public and private Catholic and Jewish and Muslim schools all over Canada (depending on the province), as well as the huge federal and provincial subsidies directly to religious organizations via so-called "charitable" tax exemptions. Without knowing more about the reasons and parameters for the Yukon government decision, I'd find it hard to focus too hard on this drop in the bucket.


Unless religion is going to be targetted as specific grounds for disqualification why shouldn't they qualify just like any other non-profit or small business? It isn't just a case of a drop in the bucket; the assumption that a small parish is no different than an international church on the small scale is often dead wrong. That is doubly so when it concerns small communities which still pool resources to provide common care, as many did in the days of sick benefit societies. From some of the fundraisers I see on the wall of the local market, that need is still there.

When an organization has a legitimate community function, why should they be singled out when other like farmers' markets or public galleries get a pass?