Who's the NDP candidate for Yukon this time?

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Ken Burch
Who's the NDP candidate for Yukon this time?

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Ken Burch

They are  going to nominate somebody, aren't they?


The NDP haven't selected a candidate yet, that happen's on Wednesday.

The choice is between Kevin Barr, a musician and Social worker and Alex Furlong, President of the Yukon Federation of Labour.

Kevin currently runs the White Bison addiction program at the Whitehorse Corectional Centre.

Both have good reputations but I'm partial to Kevin as I know him personally.

The conservatives aclaimed Ryan Leef, a Supervisor at the Whitehorse Correction Centre.

Last time the conservatives brought out a local pharmasist, Darryl Pasloski, as a high profile

candidate but he was trounced by Larry.

Enviromentalist John Streiker is going to give it another try for the Greens.

They did place above the NDP last time.

I just don't see Larry getting taken out by any of them.

Larry does have to over come voting against the repeal of the long gun registry, the local Tea Party

Rag called the Whitehorse Star that seldom ever says anything nice about anyone but the conservatives

and some interesting radio ads which are not sponsered by the conservatives.

I still don't see Larry losing.

It's like watching Combat and betting on the Americans!




Interesting take on Yukon Politicians

Hits close to home


Ken Burch

I was expecting it to turn out that Audrey McLaughlin had a manslaughter rap, from the way that article started. 


Fentie was once an NDP MLA, before he admitted to his criminal record.


Any news of who the NDP candidate might be for the upcomign 2015 federal election?

The NDP needs to run a star candidate to have a chance in a race between the incumbent Conservative MP, former Liberal MP, and former leader of the Ontario Green Party.  

Ken Burch

They will be choosing their federal candidate on July 7th.

Ken Burch