The Yukon Party strikes again

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The Yukon Party strikes again

   After an eight year Peel Watershed Commission supported by 80% of Yukoners, the ConservationSociety and the four affected native bands the Yukon Party has come down firmly on the side of the Mining industry.

     Under the Commisions recomendationd 79% of the area was to be pretected from developement. Yukon Party reduced that to 29% for a more "balanced" land use. Unfortunately, from what I understand, roads could be allowed through protected areas if they were "temporary". If you travel the back country it's easy to find unused roads that are very old but still usable. The land heals very slowly.

       The original report was released just before the last election and the Yukon Party ran on a platform of no comment. After the election the Party decided the Plan was unbalanced and put it on the shelf to do their own consultations. Considering that most of the Yukon public, the local Conservation Socirty and the four Bands involved are against the plan it would seem they were not the ones consulted.

      In a statement Samson Hartland, President of the Yukon Chamber of Mines, said he didn't think the new plan was very balanced and wanted more of the area opened up to developement. It's going to be a protracted legal fight!

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Yes, this is a truly disappointing development. Thanks for posting hobyirwin.


As expected the Yukon Government is being sued by several parties over the Peel River Watershed report.We'll see how long this takes to play out.

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..another report

Thomas Berger leads watershed lawsuit v. Yukon development plan

with video

A coalition of First Nations and conservation groups is suing the Yukon government over its decision to open a vast region of the Canadian North to mining and industrial development.

The group says the decision ignores a land-use plan seven years in the making.

A lawsuit was filed Monday in Yukon Supreme Court by the Nacho Nyak Dun, the Tr’ondek Hwech’in, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Yukon and the Yukon Conservation Society....

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Good to see Thomas Berger back in action, especially on such an important case.

I heard a snippet of the radio news coverage and some spokes thingy from the Yukon Party said that they couldn't be expected to know the details of the settlement and land-use plan since it didn't happen under their watch. Maybe I misheard but that is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a long time and that's saying a lot given the clowns that currently govern federally.


Thomas Berger?! One of my heroes. He's 80 years old! I wish we could produce a few more allies of Indigenous peoples like Thomas Berger.


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