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Brachina wrote:
Its all in how Andrea plays her cards, if she comes off reasonable, doesn't ask for the moon and Dalton continues to be inflexible, then he'll where it, not Andrea, but the key is don't get angery, not too much sabre rattle until the time is right, appear calm and collected rational and reasonable and either Dalton folds or he's left himself open to defeat.



And a completely pissed public, experiencing rising gas prices and wondering how to balance their own books will recoil from Hudak the hustler and the only well-financed campaign possible in the spring of 2012.


Skinny Dipper

Andrea Horwath is playing a risky move asking for a 2% increase in the income tax of high income earners.  She will need to hope that McGuinty will at least offer a one percent increase.  If that won't happen, she had better hope that McGuinty will not freeze the welfare rates.  She needs something.

If she and the NDP are willing to vote against the Liberal government's budget bill (with no NDP MPPs calling in sick), then she should be prepared to have an early campaign.  She can make the case that if the Liberals want Ontarians to sacrifice about 2-4% of their income through wage freezes, then the super rich should be able to pay at least an extra 2% in income tax.




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